Author: Ehsan Mousavi

Lake formed by precipitation sightseeing attraction in the salt dome in Qom. 3

Qom salt dome(Qom Province)

Qom salt dome (Jafariye or Taghrud) A unique opportunity to see a geological phenomenon called salt dome is beautiful. Apart from the geological excursions in this area as a special one-day visit and see the sights of the activities and structure of salt, creates a different trip.

View of Torud, a village in the north of the Great Desert 2

Torud, the port lost in the desert beach(Semnan)

For thousands of years the bells tinkling caravan plains and mountains of this region, full of memories of Ancient Iran. Campers who fear hardship crossing the desert to die bought to move goods north and south, to compensate for the cost of his life. For convoys at all, after crossing the desert to the coast were safe as Jandagh, teachers, clumsy and Stvh and means Torud survive the desert was scary Sea.