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Step on the pedal to Karshahi Fortress(Matin Abad, Isfahan Province)

We always have a slogan that says the destination is an excuse, the departure is the arrival. A trip to Karshahi Castle and cycling from Matin Abad to Karshahi Castle was actually a trip to touch the whole route and enjoy cycling in the plains, and at the end to complete the trip by seeing Karshahi Castle. A beautiful fortress that has been severely damaged by the collapse of one of its towers these days, which I hope will be repaired as soon as possible..

Lost Mosque 4

Ardestān and Zavareh, tempting travel offer(Ardestān, Isfahan)

Before this trip have to see a lot of beauty and wonder of architecture and anthropology prepare. Visits to Ardestān and Zavareh, an offer they can not refuse it. Every nook and corner of the monuments and Nature Explorers is open desert. The following is a summary of a trip to the beautiful city of Isfahan province are.

Salt polygons in the desert creek ۰

Salt Lake Khoor(Isfahan)

In the easternmost point of the province, where nearly 400 km away from the city, in the desert of nature's attractions and specific figures easily visible. This form of nature is located in Salt polygons(Salt Polygon) Which is generally seen in the dried salt lakes. Large bed with such a unique uniform pattern has always been of interest to tourists.


Discovering Khoor, warm, Mehrjan, Bayazeh, Ordib, Iraj and shepherds(Isfahan)

روستا گردی پاییزی آنهم در منطقه کویری ایران با آن همه جاذبه شناخته شده و نشده، قطعا حال هر سفر دوستی را سر جایش می آورد، منطقه خور و بیابانک که سرآمد جاذبه های منطقه کویری ایران است این روزها بشدت مورد توجه گردشگران ایرانی و خارجی می We are also lagging in this Nmandym ...