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Amlash of Qazvin, in the course of the Safavid(Qazvin and Gilan)

Tread the old path and relatively long for crossing the Alborz, one of the attractions of traveling in Iran. Climate Change and ethnicity, in particular along the path of the beauties of Qazvin is Amlash. This report is a summary of the four-day trip on the route, in late spring and an introduction to further visits and a better understanding of the Gilan.

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Summer Javaherdasht(City, Gilan)

At first Javaherdeh called Ramsar village confused summer, but here is the place where the slopes of the highest mountain Javaherdasht Gilan, Smamvs, plain overlooking the Caspian Sea.…Rural above the clouds… Summer surf in bid to touch the cool mountain summer.


Anklet navigation to Islam (استانهای اردبیل و گیلان)

I went over the road and my car was pleasant, but this time I went into the woods on foot within both the way”This is where and where?”پیمایش مسیر خلخال به اسالم در بخشهایی آنقدر زیبا بود که گاهی هنوز فکر می کنم رویایی شیرین بوده است، جنگلهای متراکم و ییلاقی زیبا و وهم آلود چنان در ذهن من نقش بسته است که افسوس و سودای سفر دوباره از من دور نمی شود


Olasbelanga Countryside(Masal, Guilan)

Gilan and Dlfrybsh nature is always a surprise for nature. Village summer Avlsblanga(Olasbelanga) در ۲۵ کیلومتری جنوب ماسال در جایی ۱۲۰۰ بالاتر از شهر ماسال یکی از جاذبه های شناخته شده گیلان است که مسافران زیادی را در بهار و تابستان به سوی خود می کشاند. The opportunity to spend the night in a wooden house is Avlsblanga experience to Remember.