Ancient hill Noshijan(Malayer, Hamedan)

Noshijan Temple near Malayer is one of the most important ancient monuments of the country related to the Median era. This beautiful adobe building due to filling it with stones and .. In the course of it, survived and is palpable to any visitors. Signs around the work artefacts in accordance with any part of it is installed. Noshijan history goes back to 2800 years ago..

Entrance of Noushijan antiquity, the entrance design is beautifully decorated inspired by the blind windows of the temple.

At noon on September and relatively cool, we were moving from Nahavand to Tuyserkan and seeing this ancient attraction in the middle of our way was part of the plan.. Noshijan hill is on a side road about 20 km northwest of Malayer. If you are going from Malayer to Hamedan, after 15 km, on the left side of the side road, which also has a signboard, it will take you to Noushijan.. We did the routing with the map and finally, in front of the door of the yard, the guard gave us permission to enter.. He opened the door and showed the view and we left. The guard is a long way from the top of the hill. You can go to the top of the hill by car, and then the built-in stairs will take us to the walls of this interesting place.. It is built on a hill and has its own architectural elements.

View around Noshijan from the top of the hill
Stairs that make the visit to the top of the hill easier to visit.
Introduction to Noshijan Tappeh, quoted by the Cultural Heritage Office
The first part of visiting the Noshijan collection
Entrance of the first building

We start by visiting the first part near the stairs . Next to it, we have the temple, which is one of the features of the architecture of blind windows in Urartian architecture. (in north west of Iran) It has been common. I remember that the blind windows and the columned hall were among the constant questions of the Iranian art and architecture course and I did not understand it until I was facing these blind windows of Noshijan temple live..

Familiarity with the central temple of Noshijan, quoted by the Cultural Heritage Office
Noshijan Temple
Noshijan Temple
Uratu architecture of blind windows of Noshijan temple

The columned hall is lower than the ground floor. I go around the building to enter it. 12 pillars made of wood with a brick arrangement around it. In the courtyard of the columned hall, a tunnel staircase goes down and the moisture at the bottom is felt.. He did not write the reason anywhere.

Columnar hall area
Familiarity with the columnar hall of Noshijan Tappeh, quoted by the Cultural Heritage Office
Tunnel entrance
Closed tunnel with unknown destination
Blind window in the columned hall
Familiarity with Noshijan Tappeh fire temple, quoted by the Cultural Heritage Office

The industrial town and the ambient noise are a bit annoying here, but it was a pleasure to be on top of the hill and see this interesting work..

Views behind Noshijan hill in September

A few points in visiting the ancient monument of Noshijan hill

–           If you go straight from Malayer to Noshijan Tappeh, there is a 20 km road ahead.
–          There are no other facilities in the area near this ancient monument, except for a few pavilions, and it is better to have everything you need with you..
–          You need at least one to two hours to visit this place well.
–          All access roads to Noshijan are paved and there is no separate side road. This place is near the road.

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