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The valley between the village of Kalougaan to Amameh 3

Kalougaan valley navigation to Amameh(QasranRudbar, Tehran)

Alley gardens Kalougaan(Kalougaan) And the inanimate in midsummer as small river to Garden Village Amameh high, the valley is a pleasure to survey style along the revolving nature's gift. A valley at the foot of Mount "Vargin" that due to the proximity to the capital could be the destination for a day for Tehran.

صخره های بلند دره شمخال 17

Valley arquebus(Tax collectors, Khorasan Razavi)

Strait arquebus(Shamkhaal) یکی از زیباترین و رازآلود ترین مناطق ایران است که تا لحظه آخر چشمها را محسور همه زیبایی خود می کند. The strait is 18 km with walls about 200 meters in the north-eastern Iran near the border town situated tax collectors. این تنگه از روستای شمخال(۵ کیلومتری جنوب باجگیران) آغاز و در روستای محمد تقی بیگ از توابع درونگر(Dorungar) پایان می یابد.

Route 22 Nvkyan kilometers from the village of André 20

Tarom, Zanjan to the village of Gilan

Alborz mountain trails traverse the southern slopes of the foothills of the lush northern reaches double attraction to the program gives. Body to the village during the traversal path of three border provinces of Zanjan, Gilan and Ardabil passes one of the most attractive applications..