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A short passage in Saral, a journey with the taste of rhubarb(Diwandre, Kurdistan province)

It was past 10 pm. I sat behind the wheel and turned it on. I was tired, but I was strong enough to go forward. We left Bijar and the road was paved and clean. Everything was in order and the road was in good condition, so I doubted that I brought my bank card? Why don't I find it?. In short, I preferred to go back to the last point I had used. Having a card was better than not having one. Had dinner in a restaurant at the exit of Bijar city...


Fairy chimneys and flat Dave (Mahneshan, Zanjan)

Each attraction or supernatural or extraterrestrial phenomenon called words like fairies, spirits and demons is composed of most interest. There is also no exception fairy chimneys. Fort Behestan 12 km from city Mahneshan Zanjan right into the chimney of the puck, which is also known as Dave bed.