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Lake formed by precipitation sightseeing attraction in the salt dome in Qom. 7

Qom salt dome(Qom Province)

Qom salt dome (Jafariye or Taghrud) A unique opportunity to see a geological phenomenon called salt dome is beautiful. Apart from the geological excursions in this area as a special one-day visit and see the sights of the activities and structure of salt, creates a different trip.

Naiband Bay ۰

Naiband Bay (Assaluyeh, Bushehr Province)

رفتن به سواحل خلیج فارس یا بهتر بگم آبهای جنوب همیشه جز سفرهای مورد علاقه من بوده، فصل سفر به جنوب دقیقا موقعیه که آدم حالش از آب و هوای کلانشهر ها بهم میخوره و ترافیک سنگین هم مزید بر علت شده، از وارونگی فرار میکنی، میری where, after Hvash Hvayt Dryash Dryayyt…
Naiband oldest marine national park Iran's Bushehr province…


Soldiers of Heaven tourists(Soldier, Sistan and Baluchestan)

When there was talk of a trip to Sistan and Baluchestan, aspire to see Gando in nature, was my biggest motivation, however, was a beautiful place later so that Gando went to the sidelines, continuing the upward movement of Iranshahr in Sistan-Baluchistan Jnvbman way soldiers we believe all heaven where the revolving nature, particularly with its fruit orchards that “The head of the intelligence and endurance and stamina board”…


Chort or myạnshh(Sari, Mazandaran)

جنگل های مازندران در جنوب شرق شهر ساری و در بخش چهار دانگه، دریاچه ای را درون خود جای داده اند که حالا دیگر اسم و رسمی برای خودش دست و پا کرده و حالا دریاچه چورت( Churet) Different groups have turned to nature.