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Height(Karun, Khuzestan Province)

I was always looking for an opportunity to go to nearby villages in the south of Ahvaz Karoon say that this opportunity was Zstan 1398. With a little searching I found that in one village called alveh addition to attracting tourists do activities such position near the village Karun was what I had in mind. In addition to local means longer around.

Green nature plain violet ۸۴

Susan Plains(-ize, Khuzestan)

Susan plain area is rich in natural beauty and social all in 37 km from the city Ize is located in Khuzestan. Different and unique nature in the spring every nature-loving tourists to bring joy. Green and red poppies field across the Karun River Rafting it is bisected.

In late winter and early spring is the best season to visit 2

Ancient Water Engineering(Shooshtar Khuzestan province.)

Karun River after a long journey from the beginnings of a deep valley of the Zagros Now zardkooh Bakhtiari and Khuzestan plain and reached its roaring power is a gift to humanity. Khuzestan in the Nowruz spring water has always been and host travelers visiting the option of Shushtar hydraulic structures for the purpose of tourism.