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Cascade Shyvnd(-ize, Khuzestan)

Somewhere along the way ize and Dehdez, in the mountains Mangasht Khuzestan, a village called Shyvnd good climate and beautiful waterfalls to Sfrmast. Karun road on this side and on that side Shyvnd. Changes in human nature created by Karun-3 Dam in Khuzestan province is. However, a large lake in our route and see Shyvnd is not possible without the short trip on the water.


آبشار شِوی(دزفول، استان خوزستان)

بدون شک آبشار شوی(shevi) را می توان یکی از زیباترین آبشار های ایران نامید. آبشاری به بلندای ۱۰۰ متر که پرخروش از دل کوه بیرون آمده و این همه زیبایی را به طبیعت می بخشد. You should expect that you walk to visit the beautiful forest of oak and three waterfalls...