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Lagoon Hsl(Chalus, Mazandaran)

Small Lagoon Hsl (Hasel or Hesel) In the southwestern city of Chalus in the forest Sinava and Talaju is very easy and worthwhile destination. The area adjacent to Road Branch is a great offer for those who travel this road to go to the north to. You will reach this natural attraction with a short and pleasant walk, but at the beginning of the route, it is possible to rent a blue Nissan to get to the side....

Waterfall landscape 5

Khor Waterfall(Chalous Road, Alborz)

Beautiful waterfall cascades worthy of Tehran and Alborz Alborz Province that people love nature as a one-day program is recommended. The waterfall with a height of about 50 meters at 2,800 meters is located near the village of Khor.