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The mountain is burning, the mountain is always burning(Ramhormoz, Khuzestan province)

Tash Kooh on the side road between Midwood and Ramhormoz that went to Abolfars, it was worthwhile to tilt the route and walk for kilometers on the side roads in the middle of the night to be right next to it at midnight on Nowruz 1400 at 12 o'clock at night. And the smell of sulfur pervades our being.

Ancient site near the village of Khang Ajdar 2

From the scorpion castle to the torpedo(-ize, Khuzestan)

Hiking around Izeh offers many options for travelers. In planning the Nowruz trip, I intended to plan a few hours around sunset near Izeh as a mid-way destination that is not too far from the main route to continue the trip and enjoy the walk and sightseeing to the maximum.. Finally, the decision was made to implement a short walking program from Qaleh Kozhdam or Farm village to Khang Ajdar village in the north of the wetland....


Height(Karun, Khuzestan Province)

I was always looking for an opportunity to go to nearby villages in the south of Ahvaz Karoon say that this opportunity was Zstan 1398. With a little searching I found that in one village called alveh addition to attracting tourists do activities such position near the village Karun was what I had in mind. In addition to local means longer around.


Cascade Shyvnd(-ize, Khuzestan)

Somewhere along the way ize and Dehdez, in the mountains Mangasht Khuzestan, a village called Shyvnd good climate and beautiful waterfalls to Sfrmast. Karun road on this side and on that side Shyvnd. Changes in human nature created by Karun-3 Dam in Khuzestan province is. However, a large lake in our route and see Shyvnd is not possible without the short trip on the water.

نی های آب آورده ۰

تنگ کول خِرسان(دزفول، استان خوزستان)

فضای فیلمهای قدیمی که گروهی به دنبال گنج باستانی می روند را داشت، وقتی دیواره ها به هم نزدیک می شوند! آنجا که باید سریع تر دوید تا لای دیوارهای بلند له نشد. Ashkaft-e-Zardeh or Kol-e-Kherson or Kol-e-Khorsan is a narrow and long waterway with high walls that brings the floods of the mountains and hills west of Shadab Castle to the Dez River, a scary place that warns of the possibility of floods at any moment in spring....


روستای چیتی(لالی، استان خوزستان)

زمانی که در ذهن خود سفرهای مختلف نوروزی را مرور می کنم در نهایت به یک پاسخ می رسم… نوروز دربهشت ایران زمین، خوزستان… خاطرات فراموش نشدنی، مناظر رؤیایی، آب و هوای عالی و … در نوروز خوزستان خصوصاً در نواحی کوهستانی آن…

و اینبار سفری که از روستای اسلام آباد در نزدیکی دز آغاز شده و با گذر از منطقه سردشت راه به سوی لالی می رود. شهری با جاذبه های فراوان طبیعی در شمال غرب خوزستان که شاید کمتر به عنوان مقصد گردشگری معرفی شده است.


دریاچه سد دز( Andimesh, Khuzestan Province)

سد ها حکایت عجیبی پشت خود دارند، دریاچه هایی که به خواست بشر بوجود آمده اند و تأثیرات بزرگی بر زندگی مردمان محلی و اکوسیستم می گذارند. اما لمس دریاچه سدی که در حال حاضر جز پنجاه سد بلند جهان است و در زمان خودش ششمین سد مرتفع دنیا بوده داستان دیگریست. Dez dam on the river raged for more than 50 years ago with a height of 203 meters in the province closed dose is. تجربه گذراندن شبی بهاری در جزیره و آسمان پرستاره، خاطره ای فراموش نشدنی است.


آبشار شِوی(دزفول، استان خوزستان)

بدون شک آبشار شوی(shevi) را می توان یکی از زیباترین آبشار های ایران نامید. آبشاری به بلندای ۱۰۰ متر که پرخروش از دل کوه بیرون آمده و این همه زیبایی را به طبیعت می بخشد. به این سفر که پا میگذارید می بایست انتظار جنگل زیبای بلوط و سه آبشار زیبا را داشته باشید. خصوصاً اگر نوروز باشد و جنگل سبز بهاری بلوط خودنمایی می کند.

Shymbar on the picture frame 8

Scroll Valley Shla the dam to Shymbar(Indica, Khuzestan)

Azmny word Shymbar(Shynbar) The query words spring to arrive… Sweet Spring…Who really deserve the name of this beautiful region… Shimbar area in the Zagros Mountains, 75 km from the city of Masjed Soleiman at the foot of picturesque mountains della(Work) Has been slow. Shimbar full of springs and rivers in the high-water plain to beautiful lagoon with bushes head held high the water and summer pond of water in the face of other shows and wild bushes and pomegranates and grapes … Present themselves.

In late winter and early spring is the best season to visit 2

Ancient Water Engineering(Shooshtar Khuzestan province.)

Karun River after a long journey from the beginnings of a deep valley of the Zagros Now zardkooh Bakhtiari and Khuzestan plain and reached its roaring power is a gift to humanity. Khuzestan in the Nowruz spring water has always been and host travelers visiting the option of Shushtar hydraulic structures for the purpose of tourism.