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Naposhteh church, temple in the heart of Arasbaran(Nomads, East Azarbaijan Province)

Speaking of deep green valleys… Building in the middle of the green and pristine Arasbaran attributed to Temple. Naposhteh village where the road Az·hyahvy embedded deep in a valley and the ruins of the church is an excuse to see the beautiful nature of this area of ​​Arasbaran.


From Bonab Maragheh(East Azerbaijan Province)

It was June and we Zrbayhan journey, a journey that is going to see towns and villages and beautiful nature around the lake had. از تبریز آغاز کرده بودیم و دره نعمت آدر شهر را تا پیرچوپان پیموده بودیم، از عجب شیر گذر کرده بودیم و قلعه ضحاک و قلعه چای را لمس کرده بودیم و حالا خود را در بناب می دیدیم…Late spring evening was more like April sky, the earth and watered the. Time was limited and we were going to see a monument in BONAB.


Valley navigation favor, seven springs Pirchupan(Azar, East Azarbaijan Province)

Valley "Dare Nemat" or in Azeri "Nemat Darre Si" very beautiful and attractive routes in the foothills of Mount Sahand is the name that has been properly. A valley full of trees and gardens and springs that have built so the area is. Path from above the "Haft Cheshmeh" Village is the beginning and the end Pirchupan