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Plain Dryvk 12

Plain and Falls Dryvk(Nemar district, province)

To describe Dryvk(Deryouk) It is sufficient to say that a piece of heaven in the mountains of Iran… Plain surrounded by the high mountains at the height of their beauty in the spring spirit of nature brings to conquer.

Shymbar on the picture frame 6

Scroll Valley Shla the dam to Shymbar(Indica, Khuzestan)

Azmny word Shymbar(Shynbar) The query words spring to arrive… Sweet Spring…Who really deserve the name of this beautiful region… Shimbar area in the Zagros Mountains, 75 km from the city of Masjed Soleiman at the foot of picturesque mountains della(Work) Has been slow. Shimbar full of springs and rivers in the high-water plain to beautiful lagoon with bushes head held high the water and summer pond of water in the face of other shows and wild bushes and pomegranates and grapes … Present themselves.