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From Auj to Bijar... a night as a guest of Sohrvard(Qazvin, Zanjan, Kurdistan provinces)

Wandering in Aribehesht month does not require a destination or a home, it is enough to set out and put your heart on the road to touch the beauties and the unseen one by one.…Suddenly, a sharp volley and a rainbow will be your gift… You can see the plains, the valleys, and the fields of Ser Siz and breathe the spring as much as you can… We had left the capital to visit Saral in Kurdistan. 11 in the morning, the temperature of 19 degrees Celsius will be better than this?...


Khoyin village(Aleppo, Ijerud, Zanjan)

Sometimes it happens that you come across amazing places on the way without knowing or intending to. In my opinion, the journey is the journey itself and the destination is just an excuse to travel. The more flexible you are and the more time you spend to see and communicate with the people everywhere, the better the experience will be. Seeing Khoyin village and wanting Khoyin for us who were on our way to Zanjan from Bijar...


Step on the stilts to the lakes of Tar and Hoyer(Tehran)

This writing is about the mood of a summer day in Alborz mountain, next to one of its important and beautiful attractions, lakes at an altitude of 3000 meters, we went by bike to reach these beautiful destinations and it doubled the pleasure of the trip.. It was 9 o'clock in the morning of July 1400 in Hoyer village(Havir) We were looking for a suitable parking place when we happened to see our beloved fellow passenger in the village....


A short passage in Saral, a journey with the taste of rhubarb(Diwandre, Kurdistan province)

It was past 10 pm. I sat behind the wheel and turned it on. I was tired, but I was strong enough to go forward. We left Bijar and the road was paved and clean. Everything was in order and the road was in good condition, so I doubted that I brought my bank card? Why don't I find it?. In short, I preferred to go back to the last point I had used. Having a card was better than not having one. Had dinner in a restaurant at the exit of Bijar city...

Nozhian waterfall, Lorestan 2

From Nuzhian waterfall to Warak waterfall(Khorramabad, Lorestan province)

A trip to Lorestan and its waterfalls in Ardibehesht is to become fluid in the flow of nature's life and the views of mountains, oak forests and streams, which we have been blessed with many times.. But this time, our trip was with the presence of children and traveling with them, which, in my opinion, was one of the most unique experiences of my travels during these years.. A three-day trip to see Nozhian and Wark waterfalls(Pig) And the experience of staying in the middle of the mountain...


From Aladizge Ardabil to Gilde Gilan(Ardabil and Gilan provinces)

I see the route from Aladiz Geh to Gilde as fulfilling a wish to see the west of Alborz. Where you flow in the meadow bed and then the forest so that your soul and body are filled with the fragrance of the forest. Wash off the dust of your body with a waterfall and a spring, and tea and buttermilk in Gilda will relieve your tiredness. It is as if I have flown and landed this 800 meters.


Navigation in Domola Geopark, from Qari Qashlaq waterfall to Glin Balaghi(Germi, East Angot village, Ardabil province)

I had not heard the name of this heavenly area in Ardabil province until April 1401, and after years of traveling and researching Iran's travel and natural attractions, Dumouli Geopark(Dumula) I was a complete stranger. So I didn't lose time and together with my usual travel companions, a good survey was organized in the middle of Jundar 1401.. Preparing a trip to Dumula Geopark (In the maps of country divisions, it is written Dumoli, but the residents of the village pronounce it Dumula...


Seymareh Dam Lake and Tang Kafri(Badreh, Ilam province)

Tang Kafri in Ilam province and near the city of Badreh, has been known for nature lovers and Iran tourists for many years.. Our visit and boating in Seymareh Dam and seeing this beautiful gorge was a continuation of a journey that we passed through Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari and Khuzestan and entered the gates of Ilam province from Poldakhtar.. We had visited the anchor rod and the Black Cow Twin Lake and reached the Seymareh Dam.. Post related to Garz village anchor post...


Tang and Qarasu waterfalls, unique erosion(Kalat Naderi, Khorasan Razavi Province)

It was about 10 years ago that I first read a travel report about the waterfalls and the Qarasu Valley of Kalat Naderi, and I remember seeing a photo of the ladders along the way to facilitate the route.. In September 1400 there was an opportunity to travel to Kalat Naderi and in the evening of one of the last days of summer I was ready to see one of the most amazing geology of Iran.. The night before...


Darband Rashi Cave(Rudbar, Gilan province)

When you are not expecting a trip, but you are on a unique trip with family and friends, it is a description of how you traveled to the slopes of Darfak, which was done in the summer of 1399.. At the suggestion of Hamed, a friend from the heart and nature, a plan for a trip to the village “Black Plain Ben” Poured. It was about seven o'clock in the morning when we headed to Qazvin and then to Rasht Road from the end of Hemmat Highway. It was September. The heat was broken and so was the destination...


Evangelical Waterfall(North Savadkuh, Mazandaran)

This is how I start the introduction to this travelogue. Every step I took seemed to inject forest and autumn into my veins. We went and we went until we reached the night and the cool breeze of autumn and the moonlit night was the end of the program.. I was drunk in the fall. On the ups and downs of Injili Ka waterfall The way of Injili Ka waterfall is one of the beautiful forest routes and low altitude of Savadkuh, which is recommended to see in autumn.. Routes...


Lar National Park(Mazandaran)

In this travelogue, I have paid more attention to the natural attractions, landscapes and geography of the region. It is not the year of motor vehicle traffic. Due to the size of the area and the long dirt roads in the park, the car was a good help. However, cycling is not without its benefits on quiet days....


Qutrum, the valley of wonder(Bafgh, Yazd Province)

Three days off was an incentive to get to Bafgh, where I was always thirsty to visit. Our good fortune was that in late February, at the same time as the almond trees blossomed, the mood of the scenery from the grove to the almond grove was mixed.. We decided to move in the evening because the route from Tehran to Bafgh was a boring ride and it took a long time from a winter day.. Nearly half...


Barzkuh, the green cone of Gilan(Khalkhal Poonel Road, Gilan Province)

Barzkooh, a green forest cone in the heights of Gilan, I had intended for many years, and finally in June 1400, together with good fellow travelers, we climbed this beautiful forest peak.. We went to Khalkhal in mid-June and a few days off, but we traveled all the way through side roads. Crossing side roads created more opportunity to understand the journey. From Tehran to Eshtehard and Buin Zahra and then the old road of Zanjan and then to...


Operetta and Lamasieh, beautiful Alborz terrace(Mazandaran)

Kuhzai in Iran has presented the peak of his art, which is truly one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iran.. The result of this strange and delicious fold is the climatic difference between the Caspian Sea and the Iranian plateau in a short distance.. This area is locally called “Operet” Has become famous. The border of Semnan and Mazandaran provinces. It was in late June 2016 that we planned a three-day trip to the Opert region. I explored ways to get to Opert. It had three routes from Tehran to Operetta. Route...


Gurz Langar village(Darrehshahr, Ilam province)

The beautiful nature of Ilam can be well felt on the slopes of Kabirkuh. I knew the mountain village of Garz Langar simply because of the suspended rock on a rock base. But after traveling there, I found the beauty of this Lor village first in the kind and calm people and then its beautiful nature in the lap of Kabirkuh. Although the suspended stone is a special attraction and is effective in the fame of the village, but other beauties such as the stone stream,...


The mountain is burning, the mountain is always burning(Ramhormoz, Khuzestan province)

Tash Kooh on the side road between Midwood and Ramhormoz that went to Abolfars, it was worthwhile to tilt the route and walk for kilometers on the side roads in the middle of the night to be right next to it at midnight on Nowruz 1400 at 12 o'clock at night. And the smell of sulfur pervades our being.