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Khoyin village(Aleppo, Ijerud, Zanjan)

Sometimes it happens that you come across amazing places on the way without knowing or intending to. In my opinion, the journey is the journey itself and the destination is just an excuse to travel. The more flexible you are and the more time you spend to see and communicate with the people everywhere, the better the experience will be. Seeing Khoyin village and wanting Khoyin for us who were on our way to Zanjan from Bijar...


Qutrum, the valley of wonder(Bafgh, Yazd Province)

Three days off was an incentive to get to Bafgh, where I was always thirsty to visit. Our good fortune was that in late February, at the same time as the almond trees blossomed, the mood of the scenery from the grove to the almond grove was mixed.. We decided to move in the evening because the route from Tehran to Bafgh was a boring ride and it took a long time from a winter day.. Nearly half...


Shahrestanak to Naseri mansion, a trip to contemporary history(Alborz)

Shah Qajar, Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, compared to other kings of this dynasty, had a great interest in recreation in nature, and this can be seen from the diary of Etemad Al-Saltanah newspaper, which was with him every day for many years.. Certainly, the long period of the monarchy and the relative calm of the country in the borders have played a role in the relief of Naser al-Din Shah.


From Jawzan to Manizan, a tour of Takestan(Malayer, Hamedan)‎

In my opinion, tourism is one of the best models for sightseeing. Now it wants to be a seasonal occasion, or a special occasion product for that area, or a special event and ritual for the area. Having an excuse to see and experience helps us to be more curious about the events around us and to have a more precise plan for seeing on the trip.. During this trip, which coincided with the grape harvest and raisin production season, we went to Malayer city and its beautiful villages.


The world of hidden waters(Ferdows and Gonabad, South Khorasan and Razavi provinces)

Under the pretext of visiting the two aqueducts registered in UNESCO in Khorasan, ie the aqueducts in Baghistan and Froos and the Qasbeh aqueduct in Gonabad, I tried to find out more by using well-known sources in this regard and to reflect this content in the blog..


Ghain, the land of saffron (southern Khorasan)

When it comes to traveling to Ghaen, saffron will be an integral part of this trip, but if you are in Ghaen during the harvest season of this red gold, the light will be in the light.. Ghaen is the capital of Ghainat city and the second largest city in South Khorasan province.


Citadel Village (Among city, South Khorasan Province)

The most obvious and the most memorable places we visit South Khorasan rural mountain surrounded by gardens barberry and a castle on the highest point of the village, on arrival at the Citadel, a village haunted found this quiet strange to us that no Since we were a little worried about was the personal car.


Stone bridge (Khezri Dashtbayaz, South Khorasan)

Honestly, I knew what I was looking for, but did not realize how massive and impressive. Even in all the trekking route that Paul was before my eyes, I did not realize this greatness. Only when I realized that I was behind the mountains and plains watching scenic bridge. We are talking about the Khezri stone bridge in the Bayaz plain, a natural attraction that is said to have been caused by an earthquake.. Khezri Dasht-e Bayaz of Ghaenat city functions...


Ancient hill Noshijan(Malayer, Hamedan)

Nvshjan temple near Malayer as one of the important monuments of the country is a testament matter. This beautiful adobe building due to filling it with stones and .. In the course of it, survived and is palpable to any visitors. Signs around the work artefacts in accordance with any part of it is installed. Noshijan history goes back to 2800 years ago..


Amlash of Qazvin, in the course of the Safavid(Qazvin and Gilan)

Tread the old path and relatively long for crossing the Alborz, one of the attractions of traveling in Iran. Climate Change and ethnicity, in particular along the path of the beauties of Qazvin is Amlash. This report is a summary of the four-day trip on the route, in late spring and an introduction to further visits and a better understanding of the Gilan.

Lost Mosque 4

Ardestān and Zavareh, tempting travel offer(Ardestān, Isfahan)

Before this trip have to see a lot of beauty and wonder of architecture and anthropology prepare. Visits to Ardestān and Zavareh, an offer they can not refuse it. Every nook and corner of the monuments and Nature Explorers is open desert. The following is a summary of a trip to the beautiful city of Isfahan province are.

Panorama of Abad, click on the photo. 3

R. Abad, living in the sand(Biarjomand, Semnan Province)

The first description of the neighboring village of mud houses with domed ceilings and wide sandy village in East. Reza-Abad of the West is limited by the passion and mountains.  Reza-Abad sand too close to the main tourist attractions of the region.. R. Abad village in Kharturan Rural District, the city anymore and finally Biarjomand is located in Semnan province. Somewhere close to the border province of Khorasan Razavi. Reza Abad from the south to the village of Ahmadabad and from the north...

Castle Village set up in moments of an autumn day ۰

High Castle, gateway to Turan(Biarjomand, Semnan Province)

Semnan province can be called one of the most special provinces of Iran. There is a large part of the great desert and mysterious Iran Alborz Mountain, certain climatic diversity in this region has created. یکی از روستاهای دیدنی با موقعیت خوب گردشگری در این استان به نام قلعه بالا هدف از این سفر بود که با تجربه بی نظیر بازدید از پارک ملی توران همراه شد. Reza Abad from the south to the village of Ahmadabad and from the north...


Wandering in Maku(West Azerbaijan)

Iran map likened to a cat one of the best roles in my mind was a child and a trip to the cat's ears are always among the most enduring journey for me. But this cat unfailing ear and the left ear is where two sheets of Iranian history and culture of its own detailed. Highs in the left ear border “Maku” That shines and the West is Iran's gateway.


Tight Plowshares (Kuhdasht, Lorestan)

– Children four hours after Zohra, to what do you do? Until the end of the night we go camping or to the medieval-style bar and we go back? – Does not matter to me – Does not count, do we decide what is? – Bump into darkness? – So Vstash, a close bridge die and return to God. – Now let's see what happens when they take things out of the trunk of a car and silently equip their bags in a hurry....