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Panorama of Abad, click on the photo. 1

R. Abad, living in the sand(Biarjomand, Semnan Province)

The first description of the neighboring village of mud houses with domed ceilings and wide sandy village in East. Reza-Abad of the West is limited by the passion and mountains.  Reza-Abad sand too close to the main tourist attractions of the region.. R. Abad village in the district...

Castle Village set up in moments of an autumn day ۰

High Castle, gateway to Turan(Biarjomand, Semnan Province)

Semnan province can be called one of the most special provinces of Iran. There is a large part of the great desert and mysterious Iran Alborz Mountain, certain climatic diversity in this region has created. One of the villages in the province's tourism attractions with good...


Castle Pashtab (Ahar, East Azarbaijan Province)

It was mid-June to see an old castle beautiful region in North West Iran were heading. We have a good chance sunset tail wind and rain after a strong spring with a view of a beautiful rainbow came out of the car to see the castle Pashtab.