Author: Saleh Shahi


Aubin waterfall (Dodangeh forests Sari, Mazandaran)

Everyone knows what he woods with my soul, but I have no one even knew that the forest is the opiate of housing in the world is getting down to the feet of Lang forest. There is a good day that day I did a killer headache two days we went over the menu had engaged in forest. The combination of the sun and the forest on an autumn day did something that not only relieved my headache but also my headache....


Kanglou(Savadkooh, Mazandaran)

به طور کلی از برنامه هایی که از لحظه شروع پیاده روی مقصد در انتها قابل دید است لذت می برم، حالا اگر هدف دیدن قلعه ای در یک نقطه ی زیبا در فصل زیبای پاییز باشد که چه بهتر. Firoozkooh road should just never had the intention to get to the other side of Alborz. In many of these roads ancillary attractions that can be an incentive for sightseeing. Ganglu Castle near Kanglo village...


Lake Dalampr or Mam Sheikh (Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan Province)

Even assuming that in the heat of June Plates go where the snow have flowers and green plants have, the lakes have air refreshing have, could manhole crazy after all these plus sky with Abrash and color his blue lamb's heart is in Dalampr(dAlAmper) Found. You Dvtyd to see and read reports of dreams. I hope with this illustrated report, first in the imaginary world and then in the real world, this is the way...


Tight overbark(Bahmaei city, Kohgiluye Kohgiloye)

Sulc ancient narrow or Sarvak many attractions and visit this beautiful Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is unwinding tight recommended to all tourists, the ancient Tang Sarvak 12 kilometers northeastern city Likak- Bahmaei city center is -Vaq . Input path above the narrow road to Likak's Landhi.