From Auj to Bijar... a night as a guest of Sohrvard(Qazvin, Zanjan, Kurdistan provinces)

Wandering in Aribehesht month does not require a destination or a home, it is enough to set out and put your heart on the road to touch the beauties and the unseen one by one.…Suddenly, a sharp volley and a rainbow will be your gift… You can see the plains, the valleys, and the fields of Ser Siz and breathe the spring as much as you can…

Jozan village is a large village and the usual facilities can be found in it

We had left the capital with the intention of visiting Saral in Kurdistan. 11 in the morning, the temperature of 19 degrees Celsius will be better than this? Before, a short travelogue about Saral I have published. We decided to fill the route and go through a corridor that is not the usual route to the west and enjoy the cities in the middle of the route.. Upon reaching the vineyard, we got rid of Tehran-Qazvin-Zanjan highway. It was noon and the city was relatively quiet and closed. The Saifijat pickup truck dropped us off at a square and we bought as much as we needed. We were patrolling when Mr. Agha Reza's Salmani shop was open, which we did not miss. I was looking for the grave of the old vineyard on the map. It was an interesting building and it was abandoned in a corner of the vineyard. On the sidelines and nameless. An old building from the Seljuk era. I didn't know anything about it and I was useless. In the park next to him, Sahand did not miss playing equipment. We had a long way to go home at night and it was full of stops and we had to leave.

The beautiful old lady of the vineyard is beautiful but captivating
The beautiful old lady of the vineyard is beautiful but captivating

Report report(Forty springs)

It was around 5 o'clock in the evening, and in the middle of the way from the vineyard to Auj, there was a big spring on the side of the road like a pool. It was necessary to stop. We took a tour next to it. One of the residents in front of the fountain was a grandfather who spends time with his grandchildren. The grandchildren wanted to force the grandfather to buy food for them. We talked and chatted. Grandfather used to talk about destroying the fountain's vaults and taking dirt for the hall! that have damaged here, when the treasury was destroyed, the fish became less!

Garkh Balag village and spring
Garkh Balag village and spring

Hot water

The spa had so much car traffic that I didn't understand when it started and when it ended and where the spa was. I was interested in a view of a bridge. The rain and traffic of this short street, which was the crossing point of the road from Qazvin to Hamadan, had boosted the business of the shops..


The road got a little higher and left the nature of the plain. The view of the valleys and eroded rocks created a diverse landscape. It rained heavily and a rainbow appeared after that. It was 6 o'clock when we reached the peak and went straight to the suspension bridge. For several years, an interesting bridge has been built on this valley and it has given prosperity. The city was peaceful and quiet. It had been washed away by the rain. I had heard about the suspension bridge in Auj for a long time. It was a good effect, if it is a little known and there is a place to stay, maybe Auj can be introduced as a destination. It was possible to go inside the valley, but we skipped it due to lack of time and rain. After seeing the valley and the bridge, we went to the caravanserai. How good are these types of buildings in the city?. It had been renovated and there was a small exhibition of women's handicrafts. The height of the peak was 2000 meters above sea level.

The beauties of spring near the peak
The beauties of spring near the peak
Beautiful erosion near the peak
Auj Caravanserai


It was around sunset when we returned to Spagarm road again and this time we wanted to go to Sohrvard road. Kedar road was a side road and the speed was low. There was a field on both sides and the sunset light was beautiful.  We passed the fence and the light of spring, but we didn't see anything in the dark. Unfortunately, we were unable to see Kharqan in the dark, and I regretted that we did not see this jewel.

On the way, I found the phone number of Mr. Bahrami, the owner of Sohraward residence. I luckily booked the last remaining room. I did not think that the rooms were full. What a good choice. Mr. Bahrami, a good and good-mannered man, along with his wife and children ran the place. When we arrived at night, we just brewed some tea and slept. In the morning, the husband and wife had set fire to the oven in the yard. Excellent breakfast and bread and a whole chat next to the oven refreshed us. We went to their garden with Sajebkhane's son, we had to walk for 10 minutes to reach it. Sohrvard is built on a hill and under its feet is the bottom of the Baghat valley. Walnut is one of the main products. After seeing the beautiful gardens, we went from the road facing the valley on the path of Shikhler to get a better view. Sohrvard was 2000 meters above sea level.

The perspective of Sohrvard
The perspective of Sohrvard


On the way back from Sohravard, we reached the Kersaf spring. Bigger than expected from the fountain. It was a shallow lake. We did a short pedal boat ride to get the measurements. It was noon and we had lunch at an acceptable restaurant in Kersaf. We left for Amir's old dam. It had an interesting residue. The earth dam upstream had no water either.

Karasf spring
Historical dam of Amir
Amir's historical and great dam
Historical dam of Amir


We went to Garmab from the village road. We took a short drive and went to a place that we wanted to see for a long time and I was excited. Katlekhor Cave was near Garmab, or rather, Garmab was near Katlekhor Cave. It was a holiday and there were many tourists. The tour of the cave took about two hours. In some places, in order to reduce the damage to the bottom of the cave, the traffic route was built in the form of a bridge. خیلی زیبا بود. During the tour of the cave, we saw a family where the father was talking to his son in beautiful terms that I had never heard before.. I was curious and asked the meaning of the words. They said it was Zoroastrian.

A scene full of wonder from millions of years ago in Katlekhor cave


In the evening we drove to Bijar. On the way, we stopped in a village next to a field that was being plowed to get some fresh air. The water pipe of the village had passed through the land of this servant of God at a small depth and was broken when plowing with a tractor. May plowing was untimely and the young boy said that he might plant jalizi. He did not have a special plan.

کوچه ای در مرکز بیجار
بازار بیجار

دم غروب به مرکز بیجار رسیدیم. راسته بازار کوتاه بیجار قلب شهر بود. راسته تخمه فروشان خیابان اصلی توجهمان را جلب کرد و سوغاتی مقداری تخمه خریدیم. با یکی از کسبه گپی زدیم و از حال و هوا و دیدنی های اطراف پرسیدیم. در یک مغازه شکار و طبیعت هم سهند یک ذره بین خرید که انصافا در سفر سرگرمی خوبی شد. شب هنگام از ۹ گذشته بود که در انتهای بیجار شام را در یک غذاخوری خوردیم و تکه آخر مسیر مانده بود تا سارال

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