Khoyin village(Aleppo, Ijerud, Zanjan)

Sometimes it happens that you come across amazing places on the way without knowing or intending to. In my opinion, the journey is the journey itself and the destination is just an excuse to travel. The more flexible you are and the more time you spend to see and communicate with the people everywhere, the better the experience will be. Seeing the village of Khoyin and Mil Khoyin made this situation for us, who were on our way to Zanjan from Bijar, and the short trip to Mil Khoyin was an opportunity to get to know this attraction of Zanjan province..

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On the way back from Kurdistan, where we had gone to Saral in the spring of 1401, it was a warm and sunny evening and the air was heavily polluted by western dust.. In the morning of that day, the visibility of the horizon was very low in the Forty Springs of Kurdistan, and that's why we left Kurdistan halfway and headed towards Bijar.. And when we passed through Aleppo, we did not think that there is Aleppo in Iran. About … Kilometers after Aleppo, a sign showing the desire of Khoyin drew us to see it. We crossed the narrow asphalt road towards Khoyin, which was located in a Khoram valley. Mil could be seen on the mountain. The dirt road in the village was steep but passable and went as far as we wanted, but we did not dare to go by car and continued on foot.. The road was unprotected and walking was not without pleasure. We reached the foot of the mill and it gave a good view of Khoyin. On top of the mountain, the land was flat and there was almond farming. From there, there was probably a way to Saeed Abad, which was a bigger settlement. But Khoyin himself was at the end of the valley and there was no other way to get there.

The area above the hill and Badamkari plain
The valley where Khoyin village is located

Saeed Abadi's two teenagers were next to Mil, who had come on a motorcycle to patrol. We chatted. One of them said that he came to Tehran to learn Salmani and is slowly becoming independent. Talking about the underground city, tunnel and market … They were kicking in the door and they even made a hole under the ground as a sign of passage, and in my heart I didn't believe it at all and said that they want to put us to work and laugh that this was due to my ignorance and when I studied, I found out the sincerity of their words.. They have named this underground city Dejmande. I read in Jali that its entrances are blocked and I hope it is not so. To see and get to know Khoyin, you should go to the person who has the key in the village so that you are not without luck. Because there are many things to see and hear.
Mil Khoyin was a circular building whose height seemed to be 6 meters and it was made of stone and brick. Its roof was dome-like and sharp and overlooked the surroundings..
It was amazing to see this attraction and I would like to go there again with more knowledge.

The space inside Mil Khoyin
A steep dirt road towards Mill
Khoyin Sabz Valley
Beautiful erosion around Mil Khoyin
Khoyin village and mosque
Mil Khoyin is accessible by dirt road. Crossing the road requires a lot of caution
Beautiful and established
Farakhi plain did not seem to be in the hands of Mil Khoyin

Above Mil Khoyin and almond trees
A window into history
The hole they say has access to the underground tunnel.
The glory of your desire

To learn more about the location of Mil Khovin GPS file in Donate Placed.

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    Greetings to you authentic Iranians. God is strong.

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    It was great, I wish you success in what you have started, i.e. Iran tourism and nature tourism, and more importantly, preparing a travel report and presenting it to those interested in Afra Camp.

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