Kalat spa waterfall(Khorasan Razavi)

The last days of Shahrivar, during our trip to the northeast, were part of the excursion program in Kalat region. Due to the mountainous nature of the area, we saw natural diversity and beautiful views in this area, which in its own way increased the excitement of the trip..

The beautiful waterfall of Kalat Spa

Upon entering Kalat area, seeing the spa waterfall was our first plan. I have to add this explanation that Kalat Naderi is a city and I mean the area of ​​Kalat all around within a radius of 50 km..

We had spent one day exploring Ferkhes and we decided to take ourselves to the spa for the night and go to the spa waterfall first thing in the morning.. I remember that it was around one night that we reached the village in a deep sleep and parked somewhere and spent the night in the car till morning.. It was a comfortable sleep, but it was warm. Maybe if we had known that the dirt road to the waterfall could be taken a little higher by car, we would not have stopped inside ten. Because the village is usually crowded in the morning and the spa is relatively large.

Crossroads in the village where we had to go to the right
The end of the spa village towards the dirt road
The place where the car could not move forward due to road construction
The beginning of the road, which was the road, was very dry in Shahrivar

Where is Abshar Kalat Spa?

From Mashhad, you have to go to Kalat Naderi road. We were going from Sarkhes and we went to the Kalat road from the side of the Mashhad highway crossing in the north of the city. A winding two-way road is waiting on the way to Kalat. A side road goes towards Pesakouh village, Zavin district, and the distance between the spa and the main road is about 5 kilometers.. Kalat spa village is approximately 80 kilometers from the center of Mashhad and it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours by car.. From the village to the last point where the car goes, which at the time of our visit, Shahrivar 1400, the dirt road was blocked(due to bridge construction) It is about 4.5 kilometers to the waterfall itself, which should allow two hours for this part. The hot spring is about one kilometer after the waterfall, which we did not go there for various reasons.

On the way to the waterfall:

After a not very good breakfast due to the lack of shade and the insistence on leaving early, we drove the car to the last point that could be reached and from there we set off to the beautiful waterfall.. A cool breeze was blowing by the stream. At the end of the dirt road was a good toilet and then a cafe that didn't seem active. We walked along the river and into the valley with a special calmness and curiosity, and it was covered with beautiful vegetation. But we were moving slowly. That is, you could leave the river and go on the left side of the river(That is, if we are in the direction of water movement, the left side) It was clean and the route could be traveled quickly. In some parts, the river passed through a gorge, and we went up and actually entered a plain with flowing water. The path is never lost. Because following the water leads to the waterfall. Before the waterfall, there was a good shadow where the shepherds were. Although it was sunny, there was a gentle air next to the water and shade. until the end when the waterfall appeared. It was a beautiful waterfall and there was a nice promenade among the trees above and below it. We were there on a non-holiday day and the area was quiet and there was a certain peace there. We stepped into the water at the top of the waterfall and understood the palpable heat of the waterfall. It's a pity that we didn't go to the hot spring, which was about a kilometer ahead, to estimate its temperature.

On the way back, which was noon, we traveled to the car at a higher speed through the footpaths without crossing the water. I estimated the height of the waterfall to be about 25 meters, and it was a beautiful waterfall in its own right, which was a hot spring and had a pleasant and varied path, and it was considered a good habitat for animals..

At the beginning of the valley, there was a stone plate going up. This photo was taken in reverse
Early route
The beautiful river from the spring
Shortly after the start of the route
The path by the water was very attractive
To the waterfall
On the waterfall trail early in the trail
The playful straw of the valley
The route was by the water and attractive
reed cover in the middle of the path
Beautiful grass in the middle of the path
Beautiful grass in the middle of the path
An old mansion that I don't know anything about
Kalat spa waterfall
The path to the top of the waterfall
The beautiful waterfall of Kalat Spa
To the top of Abshar
بالای آبشار
View of the valley from the top of the waterfall
Interesting sediments from the water of the spa spring near the waterfall

Tips for traveling to Kalat Spa Waterfall:

-In summer, due to the large number of tourists, it is recommended to go to the waterfall on a non-Tazil day.

-It is obligatory for all tourists to preserve the fragile environment there. Take your garbage to big cities because the mechanism of garbage collection in your village is difficult enough and we should not impose a burden on it..

-Drinking water is essential because I didn't see a spring nearby.

-Don't miss going under the waterfall, which is very enjoyable and if you are not in a hurry, I think that spending a whole day near the waterfall is very good..

– The waterfall is at a height of 1206 meters above sea level. The walking route is about 4.5 kilometers with a height of 200 meters, which takes one to two hours depending on the speed..

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