From Aladizge Ardabil to Gilde Gilan(Ardabil and Gilan provinces)

I see the route from Aladiz Geh to Gilde as fulfilling a wish to see the west of Alborz. Where you flow in the meadow bed and then the forest so that your soul and body are filled with the fragrance of the forest. Wash off the dust of your body with a waterfall and a spring, and tea and buttermilk in Gilda will relieve your tiredness. It is as if I have flown and landed this 800 meters.

Crossing the last height of the meadow and then descending to Gilde Valley

In the warm morning sun, we passed the road that was only for two wheels and passed through the meadows and flowers to reach the landing point.. We stopped for a minute at the point where the descent started. It was the highest point of the route and it felt good to have good nobles around. The valley and green mountains could be seen for kilometers. I was guessing the end of the road. We were supposed to descend 800 meters and travel about 17 kilometers. We slowly descended and hoping for water and a spring next to which we can relax and drink tea.. We were not far from what we wanted. The trees finally appeared. Nearby, a rancher had come and was building a new gazebo with forest wood. It seemed like a lot of work. He had come down the road with a motorbike. We asked him about water and he showed us the pipe that brings water from the spring. There was little water and they blocked the pipe with a branch so that it would not be wasted. The shade breeze was pleasant. We had less than an hour of rest, which was necessary to recover our strength.

A steep downhill just started from this point, but it didn't require much energy. It was just bruised, especially for me who was with Sahand in my backpack.

Golbaran Aladizga plains
near Aladizga . Not so cool June morning
A case that reaches the pastures of Aladizge.
The yellow flower plains of Ardabil province are reminiscent of Khordad.
It was early in the morning, but the sun was shining and there was no time to stop. Smooth part of the track.
At the beginning of the route and near Aladizge
Golbaran Aladizgeh plains of Ardabil
And this was the starting point of the descent. Forests appeared. We could not see the end of the path, but we guessed that it was at the end of the Gilde Valley.
The huts or pavilions of the herdsmen were preparing for the grazing season. Near them was a weak water pipe, with the help of which we made tea and had breakfast in the shade of a nearby birch.
The valley that led to Gildeh and Hiran. The narrow path is visible on the left side of the valley.

1.5 km after the breakfast resting place, we went down a steep slope and then we reached the livestock huts in a beautiful area.. Thanks to Mehdi Tabib Vand's GPS file, I recorded the points as if a master guide is always with you. It was called Dash Boyini. It was a big rock and a flat space above it and we had to flow past it. Pakub was quite clear. Sometimes it became narrower, but it was still there. Sometimes it was shady and enjoyable and mostly in the sun.

On the way, we reached a place near the stream. Our GPS guide showed a hidden waterfall in the middle of the valley and the trees. We went a few meters wrong and quickly corrected the path. We had to go to the other side of the stream to overlook the valley and go down the narrow and steep slope.. It was a wonderful place. Waterfall and deep pool of cold water. The one I was waiting for and the cool shade. It was perfect for lunch. I don't know how deep the pond was. But my foot did not hit the ground, but it was surprisingly cold.

Every now and then the tree halls and its shade would save us from the sun.
An area called Dash Boyini where there were livestock huts. A flat area in a steep valley.
Bottom view of the rear dash

Its name is on the route map “Borachol” I saw. A few young boys from Tehran were also hanging out in the same area and had come down for a swim. One of them already knew there and had brought his friends with him.

The hidden waterfall of Burachol and its deep pool made me feel good. We had a good space to rest and eat lunch here.

After the water and lunch, which were the prepared snacks from the night before, we returned to the track. The weather was getting hot and the altitude was getting lower every moment. Up to “Meshe Sui “There was no way. It was one of the most important points on the way. Many people come from Gildeh, on the opposite of our route, for Meshe Swayi. We traveled 2 kilometers from the waterfall to Meshe Soui and took about 45 minutes.

Lowering the altitude in the afternoon and the June sun made the conditions difficult. The slope of the path had decreased and we were on the way to the Meshe Sui Spa.
near Meshe Sui

At first, I didn't notice Meshe Suvi. There was a small wooden cafe on the way, and I just realized that we have reached Meshe Soui. Drinking tea in these cafes is one of my hobbies. According to young Radin, the manager of the cafe, our team of 10 had 50 teas.

Together with Sahand, we handed over the body to Meshe Soui. The water was lukewarm, but it was clear that it was much hotter than the river water. It also had a simple dressing room. The pond they built could seat seven or eight people, with a depth of about 60 cm. It also had a drain and water change valve! But it was crowded and not liked by everyone.

From Meshe Sui, which was late in the evening, the path was completely in the middle of the forest. There was a water fountain on the way. The route was very beautiful, but it was a little wear and tear for our meatballs and we could not finish these remaining kilometers.

At one point of the route, it was possible to go to the village of Chamler and the road, but our destination and meeting with the driver was in Gilde. Farshid and his son had set up a tent on the side of the river, where the Chamler path diverged, and he had dry plants for sale, such as cow's tongue flowers and mint.. He generously filled the kettle with water and put tea on my request for tea.

Cement bridge on the way to Gildeh. It was about 3.5 kilometers from this point to Gildeh, and in other words, it took about 1.5 to two hours, and these minutes were spent in exhaustion and severe wear and tear..

We were getting more and more tired every moment and finally, after 17.5 km, we reached Gilde, which no longer looks like a village with these villas.. Mr. Parviz, a patient and courteous driver, was at the same Gilde parking lot and had been waiting for us for a long time. The best spot in Gilde is the parking lot, Mr. Shahrpour's cafe. Funnel ice cream, tea and buttermilk soup and fresh garlic. He had gathered the best together. That was our dinner and without any haste in the darkness of the night we left for Hiran and Ardabil for our next destination.

To learn more about the GPS file wikiloc Placed.

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