Tang and Qarasu waterfalls, unique erosion(Kalat Naderi, Khorasan Razavi Province)

It was about 10 years ago that I first read a travel report about the waterfalls and the Qarasu Valley of Kalat Naderi, and I remember seeing a photo of the ladders along the way to facilitate the route.. In September 1400 there was an opportunity to travel to Kalat Naderi and in the evening of one of the last days of summer I was ready to see one of the most amazing geology of Iran..

The beginning of Qarasu valley and the beginning of the view of special walls

We were in Kalat Naderi the night before and had a pleasant stay in a rented house. In the morning we went to the peak of Zhu and in the afternoon we entered the village of Qarasu. The distance of Kalat Naderi from Mashhad … And from Tehran …. Km.. I may write the story of Kalat in another post and in short it should be said that it is a unique destination and full of natural attractions..

 To escape the heat and eat lunch, we took refuge in the shade of plane trees around the waterfall parking lot and Qarasu valley.. We had a long lunch یم We enjoyed the shade a lot. 15 o'clock:45 After we saw, enough rest is enough! We went to Qara Shu valley. I felt a little that it might be too late and we would have less time and I got stressed, but fortunately it was not so and finally we returned to the beginning of the route in clear air..

Contrary to the water path, which was at its lowest point, what I expected to see finally began.. This form of mountain erosion is unparalleled throughout Iran. I was completely blown away by seeing him. The valley was narrow. We were exploring the valley on Sunday and it was a quiet time but he had few visitors compared to himself and I was wondering what would happen here on Fridays.. The ladders had started. Some ladders were two ladders next to each other and were effective in reducing downtime. Along the valley, with the help of 11 sets of ladders, a total of 172 steps allowed everyone to see the entire valley.. Otherwise you are looking for a professional canyoning.

Oil is the narrow route of Qarasu
I was surprised to see these walls.
It was hard to believe such a regular form of erosion
The water, trees and special scenery in Qarasu make this attraction very special
Isn't it weird?!
I think it is unparalleled

The erosion of the valley was unparalleled. The stone blades were very magnificent everywhere in the valley.. We walked and again it was a continuation of the waterfall and the ladder that we had to climb. Some of the ladders were very high and looked really disturbing in the crowd. Especially when there is a lot of water and it slips. 4-year-old Sahand climbed all the ladders with his support and was happy. We did not take any risks in the return and went down all the way with the baby bag.

It took about an hour to go and 1 hour to go back. The firefighters of one of the stations in Mashhad were a group of visitors that day who came to Qarasu for fun.. With great effort they had lifted the load and corm of the food from the ladders and placed the meat in a large area of ​​the rice pilaf valley.. We ate and drank and offered meat and al-Haq which was excellently cooked..

Early Qarasu route before reaching the ladders
It looks like it was made by man, but what has erosion and orogeny done?.
Some of the ladders were high and you had to be very careful by the water.
And some short ladders
It is true that the ladders have damaged the natural form, but nothing has diminished the beauty of this area.
In September, the water had reached a minimum, but it was relatively cold
And some of the ladders were really scary.
We climbed a total of 11 ladders and 172 steps
It was around 6 pm when we reached the top and I had a strange joy and excitement.

Aerial image of Qarasu valley to describe this beautiful glory of nature:

It was about 8 months after visiting Qarasu that Mr. Reza Ghasemi, one of the good climbers of Mashhad, shared an aerial clip he had taken with a helicopter on his page, and I asked him to give me this film so that it would be glorious. Show the Qarasu Valley well to the readers of the travel report. The form of erosion in this film is well known. Move the helicopter shot from the bottom of the valley to the beginning of the path.

To get acquainted with the GPS file path of Qarasu valley and waterfalls Donate Placed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Iran is a historical land and has joined the history of Iran, when it had big and small springs, the sea of ​​the provinces are dry and without water now, just visit the plains of Khuzestan and look at the built and empty dams, when the hands of ignorant people touch the resources Hazakhsakhsal Aramqani they don't have

  2. Anonymous says:

    سلام من خودم اهل شهرستان درگز هستم که در واقع درچند کیلومتری قره سو واقع می‌باشد .وازلین نظر خیلی خوشحالم وجای بسیار زیبایی است و پیشنهاد میکنم که حتما یه با تشیف ببرید .درضمن من خودم به علت شغل همسرم در شیراز زندگی میکنم واقعا عاشق روستای خودم تاج الدین هستم که در نزدیکی قره سو است .وارزوی این را دارم که هرچه زود تر برگردم به روستای خودم ،🥲

  3. Khalil says:

    I wish you had spoken about Nader Shah Afshar's Turkish words and originality, which are available in a rare collection written on stone.

  4. Reza Nazalabadi says:

    It is a very interesting place

  5. user says:

    I am from Mashhad, but currently I live in this area of ​​Kalat Naderi
    The first and last time I went to Qarasu was about 2 decades ago
    It is much more juicy than the picture you posted
    The corridors in which the passengers were moving sometimes had cool water flowing up to the middle of their waists
    It was so full of water that it was difficult to climb the ladders because the high-pressure waterfall poured directly on the heads and bodies of the people climbing the ladders, and even the risk of falling was very high.
    At that time, I thought it was a very dangerous path. now (Based on the pictures you posted ) It is like a joke and it is not unlikely that it will completely dry up in another decade
    Most travelers and tourists who travel to Kalat Nader region go to Artakand village, which is several tens of kilometers closer.. It is said that there is a waterfall and green space. It is near me, but I have never been there and I probably won't go there. Because I have lost my instinct to travel and travel for many years
    Many of the people of the Kalat Nader area were simple and innocent people until I first dealt with them, but now after living among them for a few years, there are often people who judge you quickly and label you. I have nothing to do with them… محیطهای روستایی هر قدر از کلانشهرها دورتر باشد معمولا از لحاظ فرهنگی همینگونه می شود

  6. Morteza says:

    Hello, very good, friends, put your experience and places of sightseeing and recreation and nature tourism in this site by mentioning the city, so that we can easily travel to the places we like, in Qazvin, Ramand region, there are unique mountains, Ramand mountain and in Next to it is the beautiful Cheskin mountain, which has an asphalt path up to five kilometers to the Cheskin mountain. The mountain itself has rock climbing and rock climbing, a unique combination of several examples, visit it once, I am sure you will spend time several times a year, climbing is also included, thank you.

  7. Hamed says:

    تصویر هوای واقعا عالی بود کاش بیشتر میگرفتید،❤️👍

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