Darband Rashi Cave(Rudbar, Gilan province)

When you are not expecting a trip, but you are on a unique trip with family and friends, it is a description of how you traveled to the slopes of Darfak, which was done in the summer of 1399.. At the suggestion of Hamed, a friend from the heart and nature, a plan for a trip to the village “Black Plain Ben” Poured.

The mouth of the cave is closed

It was about seven o'clock in the morning when we headed to Qazvin and then to Rasht Road from the end of Hemmat Highway. It was September. The heat was broken and the destination was cold. Along the way, after reaching Totkabon and leaving the Qazvin-Rasht highway, we entered the side road, which was the access route to the villages and summer houses of the region..

 The direct road from Totkabon went to Bareh Sar and Damash, but at 10 km of the road at the left exit, we parted ways.. Continuation of this diversion road reached the slopes of Darfak and villages such as Si Dasht, Si Bin and Arbnab. Read the report of the trip from Shah Shahidan to Darfak peak here.

We went to the first destination of the pool village.  The village pool was quiet. The pool or pond in the village and the tall mazo trees around it and a beautiful house in Gilani had created an exceptional view.. The house and the large flat land around it were all within its confines, and the enclosure prevented them from approaching the house. It was like a residence. I was not curious about it, and as soon as the view was in harmony with the atmosphere and calm, it was enough for me..

 It turned out that this particular landscape is not hidden and to the location (Place)It was turned into engagement and wedding souvenir photos. It was an interesting and happy atmosphere. There were several couples for photography. A group of cyclists were also on tour with the tour. I climbed a little up the hill so I could capture the whole view of the pond.

We had a short tour of the village to the parking lot of our cars. The village seemed relatively sparsely populated and secluded. The pool was located above the whole village. It was close to noon and we preferred to move to the next destinations and place for lunch and dinner. Following the path along the beautiful grass in the shade of the trees near a destination called Darband Rashi Cave to have lunch and rest and the sun to be a little more inclined.

From that point, the path of Darband Cave near Rashi village was clear. Deep and terrifying valleys and mountains covered with forest bushes described that special landscape.. The route was smooth and clear. It took about half an hour to reach the openings of the two caves. Before reaching Pakoob cave, it was passed through the place where the full view of Doband cave was clear. The first cave we saw had a beautiful opening to the valley. It was not very long and we went to the end in about 10 minutes. Parts of it are slippery due to moisture and mud. The smell of bats was also felt. The second cave was short and well lit.. Maybe it was about 20 meters. It seemed that there was an opening between the two and they were connected to each other, but there was no way to cross.

The relatively short path of Darband Rashi Cave passes through shrubs and bushes.
Early walk to Darband Rashi Cave
On the way to Darband Rashi cave. Pakub is quite clear.
Magnificent valleys of the region near Darband Rashi cave
Magnificent valleys of the region near Darband Rashi cave
The middle of the short walk to the mouth of the cave
Before reaching the cave, the landscape disappears.
The location of these craters provided a place for ancient humans.
View of Dodeband cave
At the end of the cave longer
Visitors' creations
Nature and its landscapes are an opportunity for reflection and relaxation.
Cave floor sediments
No Description
And this was a beautiful farewell frame.

Although it was a short visit, the scenes and beauties of the surrounding valleys were very impressive. It seems that the region is also very beautiful in autumn. Sitting and watching calmly without rushing may be the most important thing on this trip.

Our next destination was overnight in the Black Plain of Ben.

The location of Darband Rashi cave is specified in all common maps such as Google Map and Maps.me, and routing is done easily using these softwares..

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