Lar National Park(Mazandaran)

In this travelogue, I have focused more on the natural attractions, sights and geography of the region..
ملیLar National Park is one of the areas with a high level of protection and is usually open to tourists every year from June 6 to September 6, and at other times of the year there is no motor vehicle traffic.. Due to the size of the area and the long dirt roads in the park, the car was a good help. However, cycling is not without its benefits on secluded days. The best season in terms of vegetation is the beginning of reopening, ie mid-June.

Lar National Park is surrounded by mountains and has several entrances. Inlet from the pleura is the most common input. We also went to Lar Park from the same Pleur route.
What is said about the famous anemones of Damavand was mostly outside the park and the anemones inside the park were limited to Veraroud..

Anemones outside Lar National Park

Although Lar Dam Lake is not a national park, it was one of the attractions of traveling to Lar. Several large and small rivers flowed from the surrounding mountains to the Lar Dam, and the water of the Lar River joins Haraz Day after the dam and flows in a steep path to the Mazandaran Plain and the sea..
That Friday we moved with lethargy and it was about 11 o'clock when we reached Pleur. We spent a lot of time with anemones before entering the park. What large anemones it was. I also picked some thyme. It was the busiest hour and day possible. Queue of cars at the entrance of Lar Park on a dirt road. After crossing the Bani area from the Pleur side, after 3 km of dirt road, the Dalichai river was in front of us.. Crossing the bridge, we continued to the west. The area around Delichai Bridge was relatively crowded, and most people who had come to Lar for a short trip seemed to be stationed there.. Anyway, it was watery and they were not of poor quality by clearing and having to continue driving on a dirt road. Continuing the route to the west after 6 km, we reached a relatively less water river called Sefid Ab.. Sefid Ab did not have a bridge, but some people would throw their hearts into the water and cross it by car to go to the western part of the park.. We were going to Lake Dave Mill and there was no need to cross the river, on the north side at that point the route continued and along the river in the opposite direction there was a poorer upland than the route taken so far.. The rocks were larger and the uphill made it difficult, but it was passable. We went a little faster and faster to go easier.
Then a two-way street appeared in front of us and I already knew that it was going straight to Gardeneh and Vararoud.. The left side, which was a little steep, also went to the door of Divasyab, Div Asyab was about 1.5 km away from those two roads.. It was noon and we told ourselves to see the demon of the mill and have lunch and then return to Varrood..
The area around the mill was relatively crowded, and worse than the two differentials that ran into the river and went to the bottom of the lake.. I really do not understand the reason for not walking. What pleasure is there in the destruction of nature that is not in its preservation?

Lar Dam Lake from Divasiab route. Sefid Ab river bank
The combination of Alaleh and Divasiab
Sedimentary spring and travertine maker near Divasiab
Near Lake Dave Mill
It was a beautiful moment and everyone enjoyed it in some way
Sedimentary walls of the mill
Lake Divasiab
The beauty and splendor of the lake surrounded by its own sediments and the selfishness of the car rider

The lake's boiling spring brought with it thousands of tons of sediment and built a hill and a colorful lake. Beautiful sedimentary walls could be seen along the way to the lake. There were a lot of people sitting around the lake and it was really enjoyable. A little further on, spring alleys adorned the grass. I also saw flower walk in abundance. I climbed the hill to get the full view of the lake in my camera frame. Mahsa and Sahand were also on the water. The water was very cold, but several people dived into the water.

Wild geranium plant near Lake Dave Mill
Alaleh plant near Lake Dave Mill
Walk onion plant near Lake Dave Mill

After lunch, we returned to the crossroads and headed to the neck of 3000 meters. We were waiting to see the magnificent scene of Damavand. It was perhaps the most beautiful landscape of our day. The grassy terrain above and above Dalichai was also wonderful. The whole route seemed very dry and soulless that day, but seeing Vararoud encouraged us. Now we had to continue the whole plain to the neck in the east direction. I asked one of the herdsmen if the road was open and I heard a positive answer from him. There was some snow in the gorge but the path was open. Before reaching Bani, the ranchers were stationed and it was a scenic place. It was full of rocks and anemones. It was before 6 pm that we left the park and went to Pleur.

We were on the neck and the majesty of Damavand mountain… There was a moment when the herders were crossing the road, I immediately adjusted the camera to remember this frame.
We drive in Veraroud to reach Delichai.
Veraroud, Delichai River area
Dalichai River in Veraroud
These little hands…
A dreamy view of the western front of Damavand

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