Operetta and Lamasieh, beautiful Alborz terrace(Mazandaran)

Kuhzai in Iran has presented the peak of his art, which is truly one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iran.. The result of this strange and delicious fold is the climatic difference between the Caspian Sea and the Iranian plateau in a short distance.. This area is locally called “Operet” Has become famous. The border of Semnan and Mazandaran provinces.

Cloud sea at sunset in Lamasieh area(Operetta)

It was in late June 2016 that we planned a three-day trip to the Opert region. I explored ways to get to Opert. It had three routes from Tehran to Operetta. Route Tehran Firooz Khatirkuh Mountain Chasham Opert. Tehran Semnan Shahmirzad route Chashem Operet and the third route Tehran Semnan Shahmirzad Maladeh Opera. Route 1 had the most soil I removed. I called Mr. Shams, who lives in Sorkhdeh and owns a Nissan pickup truck.. For unknown reasons! There was no other way but the path of my eyes. It was asphalt to my eyes. The road from Chesham to Opert, 20 km, was relatively dirt. For some reason, we and our fellow travelers, who were three cars, had decided to leave the cars in sight and go to the operett by van.. It was a good decision too. The dirt road was relatively good in quality and any car could cross it. We had to get off somewhere and climb the hill to reach the camp site. In fact, at the point where the camping was suitable for the view, only two-wheeled vehicles could go up to the end, and we walked this part.. He had a car chance to climb and carry heavy loads and mastic for three days, including buckets of water, firewood, and canopies. … We gave it to him.

I look at the dirt road to Opert
I take the dirt road to Opert in the higher parts of the route
I see streams in the summers
Along the way, we passed Bahareh Ko summer
The use of scrap tires along the route to build fences was common.
The beautiful rocks of the region that surround the clouds in Mazandaran like a wall.

In any case, in the evening we were setting up camp on a cliff overlooking the forests of Duangeh. He did not need to do anything. You had to brew tea and sit on the rock watching the sunset and enjoy. In fact, this trip was just sitting and watching.

Landscape of Dudangeh forests
The sunset of the first day in complete peace
The landscape of the Hangali Mountains was like a painting

The first day was not a cloudy evening, but the second day was very dreamy. The second day in the morning after installing the handmade canopy! We each went for a tour. Name of suitable camp area, “لماسیه” But is known as operetta. If the operetta is lower.

Gypsum lichen plant in Lamasieh, the morning of the second day and the rule of silence in the area
Lamasieh, a suitable area for a camp. Elsewhere, the landscape closes with the mountain.
on the morning
No Description

In the evening, I went down the cliff and the mountain as far as possible until there was no other way down. The first tree I reached at an altitude of 2500 meters was a beautiful oak. On the way up, I came another way and reached a beautiful snowfall that was unique in June. The strong wind on the rock continued from the second evening and we did not have the peace of the first night.

Clouds are slowly spreading everywhere
Beautiful oak seedlings
I was going down the cliffs and every moment was a beauty in front of us.
Beautiful erosion of rocks. Going down, it was as if I was drowning in the sea
No Description
Beautiful view of the cloudy sea in Lupert
Nothing to do but see and see
Operet Sunset Moments
On the seashore of the cloudy sea
Snowfall in Operetta

There was a weak spring in the camping area which helped a lot. Although we had water, it was very good. We also washed our heads and bodies.

The canopy was a necessity at noon, but the evening wind blew through. We nailed the tents to the ground more tightly than the night before. Night entertainment was finding constellations and photography. Light pollution from Lamasieh(Camp location) It was perfectly found.

Dudange Islands at night. Light pollution is related to Sari in the end
Operet Rain Star

some notes:
If you want to travel by land, you can coordinate with Mr. Shams from the origin of Maladeh or Cheshm. 09191327198.
Drinking water is essential.
In the long stay of a few days for noon, think about the canopy.
Evening is sometimes the time of the sea of ​​clouds. It should be a little lucky to be formed.

To be familiar with the GPS file Donate Placed.

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    Thank you for the report and the beautiful pictures you provided. I enjoyed it
    I have a question:If we go by car, to which point of the points that you put on the Turkish path in WikiLook can you go?.

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    Your post was excellent
    How was the cold and hot weather?
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