Landy Waterfall(Ardal city, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province)

For seven or eight years, when Nowruz and spring came, I longed to go to Landy Falls, but every year was a different program, and it could almost be said that it had become a regret.. In the last days of 1399, we made a serious decision and determination to see the beautiful face of this nature, and before the beginning of 1400, we were next to Landi waterfall, and our dream came true..

Landy waterfall from a spring that rises from the heart of the mountain and hits the waves of the beautiful Bazaft River.

Our story and Landy waterfall:

The evening of Wednesday, March 18, when the working hours ended, was a special moment for me. I had never started a journey before Nowruz; But this time we were not thirsty to see the beginning of spring in nature. Aitneri(Travel program) I had written a detailed article about a month ago and had reviewed the schedule with Mahsa many times. Not to mention the weather, 10 days before the start of the trip, I checked all the locations twice a day, especially Landy.. Nowruz 1400 There was no news of rain. The only advantage was in terms of housewives like us who were planning to camp.

It took me two hours to get my trunk and car ready for the 10-day trip. With the night traffic, it was finally 8 o'clock at night when we left Tehran and my heart was full to see the Zagros.. We were not alone and Saleh and Elham, the old companions of Safar, had gone ahead of us and we finally met in Maral Setareh Qom-Kashan.. He spent some time with dinner and a short break and chatting and laughing. We were supposed to drive until about 1 am and spend the night in a car like a gas station and continue our journey in the morning.. We supposedly reached the Imamzadeh side road. It was secluded and cozy. By the time we arrived, the car was off, the sleeping bags were open and asleep… Sleeping in a car may not be to everyone's liking, but for us it has become addictive, and due to coronary conditions and our reluctance to travel by public transport, sleeping machines have been added to our scope of work to become part of longer distances. He went through a day of work and grief where he slept …. نداشت. القصه حدود ۶:At 00 in the morning, we woke up from the back row of the car with the happy voice of 3.5-year-old Sahand. Sahand said: Mom and Dad are up in the morning. This means I can not let you sleep more!

After patrolling along the train tracks and around, about an hour later we went to Diar Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. Isfahan western belt, with its many complications! We passed and after Zarrinshahr, in Baghshad ( Lenjan city, Isfahan) We had a late breakfast around 10 o'clock. The old bridge over the Zayandeh River had persuaded us to stop. Zayandehrud had no peace! With various stops around 13:It was 00 when we were in Nagan or Naghun and we decided to have lunch in a lovely duplex or duplex on the top of Armand river valley and by the bridges. It took about 30 minutes to drive from Nagan to Duplon. Armand roared in the gap of this gorge, which was about 80 meters deep, to reach Bazaft and Khorsan and form Karun..

Two years ago we spent the night here at the boarding school in the morning You can read his report here. That night I remember how cold and damp it was after the heavy rains of Nowruz 1398, but now it was under the sun before Nowruz with a short-sleeved dress ( For men!) Sat down. After several patrols and taking photos:It was 30 when we saw ourselves in the car towards Landi. I have been waiting for this moment for years. Heavy rain fell on the road near Gandmakar, but the road was in good condition. When we reached the nectarine exit, the sun appeared a little behind the clouds to promise a good tomorrow. The Russians believe that if the sun sets in the clouds, it will rain tomorrow.

We passed the villages of Shalil Shakarabad, Shalil Olya, Durak Ghanbari and Gozlek. Early in the last dirt we were towards Landy. I did not know the quality of the road or the route. In the middle of the road, I stopped an L90 car that turned out to be a passenger of the waterfall and had mountain and nature lias.. They were from Izeh. I asked how is the road going? They said the quality of the road is not getting worse and it is the same as before. I asked about the path of the waterfall. They followed the path of the waterfall exactly as we intended to take a different path. It had rained a lot. We exchanged brief numbers and said goodbye with the hope of meeting. It was evening when Mohammad Reza Aziz in Landi village guided us, who had no knowledge of ten at all. We placed the cars at the end of the village one after the other, next to the fence, in a flat space. There is little space inside the village. Anyway, it is a mountainous area and nothing else can be expected. Landy had electricity and all the houses were newly built. The columns were made of concrete and foundations. The old village was located in the valley about two kilometers before Landi, where all the houses were made of stone and old, but the evidence showed that the living conditions in the new village of Landi had improved..

In the middle of the road of Landi village, the view of Karun Dam Lake 4
The last kilometers of Landi village road rained one day
Old Landy village, two kilometers from Landy village. The houses were built with local materials.
Landy village entrance sign

It was getting dark very soon to shake ourselves. Remembering the old days, I learned the lantern and picnic gas so that we could sit under the roof of an empty building next to the same parking lot and have a short dinner before bed and be together.. Landy passages had a few lights, but there was no light where we were. We had a long day and we were all in the car. Arman and the kind children of Landi insist that we go home. But we were really comfortable and it was fun. We talked about every door. He showed us their house near the mosque and was kind enough to let us use their backyard toilet. Arman was working in another province and the holidays were coming to Landi and where is it really better than Landi?.

 We did not intend to set up a tent. It was space, but the ground was mud. There was little space under the balcony roof and it was a bit sloping. There was no need for a tent at all. We were going to have a sleeping machine. It was more comfortable, it was warm and it had a roof over its head. We were used to that . I slept so soundly in the car that I slept until a few mornings. For Mahsa, whom I was describing, she laughed that you do not sleep properly in the tent until morning, but how can you sleep so deeply in the car space?!

And finally, on the beautiful morning of March 20, 2017, the day came to Landi. It was about 7 in the morning. The weather was sunny and partly cloudy and the temperature was pleasant. It was damp in the morning. I prepared the Sahand Kidcomfort bag from the mountain shoe box and mountaineering equipment. Saleh and Elham also woke up. As a precaution, we had lunch so that we would not have any restrictions. Sahand was also happy to ride Kidcomfort. It had been a long time since we had traveled with a Kidcomfort bag, and this trip was also a passion for flying a quadcopter. (Nicknamed Gharghi) It had made him too excited.

7 o'clock:We started the walk 40 minutes from the parking lot. The route goes downhill from the hill through the dryland wheat fields to the waterfall and the return route from the western valley and uphill to the parking lot itself.. The wheat was green. We saw the women of the village walking somewhere in the green hills of wheat. We walked slowly past Landy School. I never thought that Landy would have such a detailed school. We passed the oaks. It was the second time after visiting Zardalimeh waterfall in May 2015 that we came to the amazing Bazaft valley.. Read Zardalimeh's report here.

In the morning, the solar water heater was attracting attention.
Our team is ready to flock to Landy
Me, Mahsa and Sahand. Ready to move
Landy School
The first view of the Bazaft River in motion
I can not describe this beautiful scene. The rift facing the mountain was incredibly beautiful.
Towards Bazaft Valley
Blue Bazaft River in the depths of the valley
Rainfed wheat was irrigated by rain in the last days of March.
Spring had infiltrated the area very early.
Small round nature with all its might moving towards the waterfall
The first third of the route
Around this point you have to turn right and continue walking towards the valley
The good thing about this route was the beautiful landscape of Bazaft and we were getting closer to it every moment
The roaring river of Bazaft in the middle of a beautiful valley
You have to go along the valley in the opposite direction of the river

 I had the complete GPS file and no worries about the route. It was all clean. As we went down, we went west from the opposite direction of the river, which was tens of meters lower than us.. At a beautiful point overlooking the Bazaft River at 8 o'clock:We had 45 breakfasts and half an hour later, after a short climb to the top, the wish to see Landy Falls was fulfilled..

The smooth, one-piece rocks of the Bazaft Valley were stunning
Rest and breakfast in the middle of the road
We passed through Pakub among the dryland wheat and there was nothing left until the waterfall appeared
And at this point, Landy Falls was seen among the trees.
Almost near the top of the waterfall

It was a waterfall perspective. It was less than half an hour to the waterfall itself, and after crossing the top of the waterfall, we left Pakoob without any problems and went through a steep rocky path to the left and reached the waterfall spring.. We did not intend to go down the waterfall. The path of Pakoob was separated downwards before reaching the waterfall itself. I knew it was by the waterfall, but it was hard to find. In any case, we did not intend to go down. We had traveled less than two hours and could have arrived faster. Landy roar was extremely enjoyable. We were all excited by the Landy spring. The water of the waterfall was a little cloudy. I do not know if it has always been cloudy or not. Anyway, tea with Safa waterfall water.  

View of Baft from the top of the waterfall
From this point, we cautiously went to the waterfall spring from the rocky path
Waterfall fountain
Landy Waterfall Fountain
Paddy fields near Bazaft
The valley we walked on the way back to the first point. The valley was beautiful and had many vines
Wheat is slowly rising
Save firewood near Landy village
And the last photo of this firm and beautiful oak

There was also a waterfall near the waterfall, which the villagers had to use 4 km across the river when their road from Dehdez was blocked.. It could be used with the coordination of the locals and went to Bazaft and did not have any special ceremonies. The way back was also interesting. We returned to Pakoob and in the opposite direction of the river, after finishing the fences, we were led into the valley on the right.. There was a small river. The atmosphere was different from the Bazaft Valley. The old vine trees were there and had a special garden atmosphere. On a flat path across the small river, we saw Landy buildings above us, on a hill, and began to breathe from Pakoob.. There was not much time and it was about 1 p.m.:We were next to our cars for 30 years. Parking was charged! We did not protest and paid the fee. An attractive camping night was waiting for us by the lake of Karun 4 dam.

Where is Landy Falls and how to get there?

Landi waterfall is approximately in the south of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province. To reach Landi from Tehran, you have to go to Isfahan, Kashan, Natanz, Isfahan western belt, Zarrinshahr, Shahrekord, Ardal, Naghan, Doplan roads and finally the exit of Shalil road.. Across the main road(Izeh-Ardal road) It takes about 40 km to Landi village, which takes at least an hour and a half. The beginning of this side road was quality asphalt, but in the end, the last 10 km had a good and acceptable dirt road with gentle slopes.. Of course, in March 2016, the road was being widened and improved in most places. Along the way, there were flat places with a view of Karun 4 dam lake, which was also suitable for expediting.

  • The total round-trip route of the mountaineering is about 7 km, which according to the normal physical strength and the time of visiting the waterfall should be 6 hours.. So it is better to stay in Landi one night and visit in the morning.
  • The route is steep and has steep slopes and steep slopes in return. Having two batons helps reduce pressure on the knees by up to 30%!
  • ارتفاع روستای لندی از سطح دریا ۱۴۹۰ متر و ارتفاع چشمه آبشار ۱۱۵۰ متر است. I do not know the height of the waterfall, but it is about 60 meters above the river.
  • مسیر پایین رفتن از کنار آبشار تا لب رود بازفت حتما باید با بلد محلی باشد وگرنه حادثه آفرین است.
  • The best season to visit is the beginning of spring and it is better to check the rain conditions beforehand because the route will be mud.
  • To get acquainted with the road route and the complete route of scrolling in a circle(Different round trip route) GPS files in Donate Is placed.

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