Amazing Khorenj Hill(Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan Province)

Special geological phenomena are a potential for tourism, and blessed are those who take this opportunity to promote tourism in their area.. Khoranj is also one of those places that should be seen and thoughtfully seen. The rocks that are scattered on a large hill and Mother Nature has shaped them so much by wind and water erosion that it can keep anyone busy for hours.. The first phenomenon that occurred in this region may be the removal of pressure from the layers of the earth that the rocks have risen and shattered, and the second phenomenon is sphericalization that the stones with sharp edges tend to sphericize and erode the edges to be more stable. To be.

How to get to Khorenj?

Khoranj village(khoranj) Lajan is one of the functions of Piranshahr city. The distance from Khoranj to Piranshahr from the main road is 45 km.

If you have traveled by bus, Piranshahr is the best route and from there, by renting a taxi to Khoranj, you can reach this interesting village to explore among the rocks and enjoy the environment. I recommend one evening and one day in the evening. It is spring.

This stone is one of the most famous stone stones, both because of its verticality and its stork's nest

A memory of Khoranj

During our trip from Mahabad to Piranshahr, we intended to see it as a house snack on the way.. As soon as we reached the village, we went into the alleys without knowing it and tried to find a way to see the hill better.. It was a vast rocky hill and had its beauties everywhere. Finally, we parked near the mosque and looked for a suitable camping space. Until we saw Mr. Ahmadi in front of the mosque and talked. The young man was very polite and cheerful. He introduced us to the place we were looking for. Where several concrete platforms were built in a large space for camping.

Khorenj village houses
As if his feet are in the air D:

Stay overnight in Khorenj

If tents, sleeping bags and camping equipment are included, several concrete platforms have been built in front of the rocky hill at the end of the village, which with a minimum of facilities such as a toilet and a faucet, is a suitable space for camping.. There is also a shop across the street near the campsite.

At the time of our visit in June 1999, there were no conditions for renting a room or a house, and if we are going to spend the night, we recommend having camping equipment..

Overnight next to the rocks of Khoranj hill
Interesting humanoid shape on a rock in a snout

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