Harpup Falls(Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan Province)

In a word, it is worth seeing to travel more than a thousand kilometers to reach the forests of Pardan. The gift of nature to me in mid-June was a walk through the oak forests and a view of the trumpet waterfall on a spring evening.. When the sun was setting, I felt like flying over a forested hill.

Kharpap Waterfall, June 2016

After a short tour of Piranshahr markets, we took the Sardasht road. It was noon and we were going to stop somewhere for lunch. We thought we were going to the village of Gazzek(25 km from Piranshahr) Let's go and have lunch there and from there we will have a snack.

Gazexg village, 25 km south of Piranshahr

In most travelogues, the starting point was the walk to the truss from this village. In fact, those who want to walk all the way start from Gazkasg. Due to the car being at the beginning of the route, there was no motivation to walk in this part and we preferred to go to the desired place by car due to the tight time in the evening.. In the shadow of the wall of the house of a kind man, we had lunch and he guided us. If you want to see the waterfall and you want to rent a van, you should go to the village. “Hussein's grave” Which is a big village go. The dirt road starts from there. Gazzek had no more than a few houses and no shops. On his advice, after two kilometers, we went to Hussein's grave and in the first shop, they gave us Mr. Khalil's number, and after a short stop and parking the cars, he also arrived and we got on..

The slope is forested and dirt and it is better to go with a suitable car. We rode for about half an hour and finally Mr. Khalil stopped the patrol van on the hill at the end of the road.. He showed me the way. At the bottom of the valley there was a river and a metal bridge on it. He said you have to cross the bridge and go to the other side of the valley where the water of the waterfall comes from. The route was about two kilometers but steep. On the way, it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes due to the many photos and slow walking, and on the way back, we went back up the path for 50 minutes, which was almost sunset when we arrived.. From the metal bridge that we crossed, we went to the right and reached a wooden bridge.. Throwing water droplets near the waterfall was like a shower for me and I cooled down a lot.

The first view and the beginning of the truss route
The path to the end of the valley is on the other side of the river and the valley is opposite.
The river bridge should be pointed and walked towards, the path is quite clear and clear.
Scenes at the beginning of the route and snowy mountains bordering
The path of Kharpap waterfall
Kharpap waterfall route in June
Near the river
Oak forests are the manifestation and capital of this region
When you reach the bridge, you have to go to the right and to the opposite valley where the river flows.
The view of the river that is so muddy from the melting snow
Beautiful trumpet waterfall in the heart of the Zagros forests

From the top of the hill where you get off the car to the river, the altitude decreases by about 250 meters and the height of Khrapap waterfall is 1500 meters above sea level.. The height of the waterfall was at least 20 meters and it was very roaring in mid-June. There is another route that goes from Hussein's grave along the river in the valley to Kharpap, but I do not know whether it passes through the water or not or can be crossed in all seasons..

Along the way we saw an enclosed garden that also had two guard dogs and its owner had turned it into a walnut garden. We did not see a spring along the way, but there probably is.
To coordinate and rent a van to Kharpap waterfall, you can call Mr. Khalil 09147659230 in Hossein Gobar village..

There are no facilities along the route and you need to get everything you need from Hussein's grave village.

For more information on the route to the waterfall, click on the GPS file Donate Placed.

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