Srakhyh, Shadegan(Khuzestan)

Where wetland?

Tabab Shadegan, landscape near Srakhyh

Shadegan(Falahieh) Iran is one of the most important wetlands that land in the range of Khuzestan province is geographically Lands between the cities of Ahvaz and Abadan and Mahshahr. In the southern lagoon is connected to the estuaries along the Persian Gulf and the lagoon is salty. The northern part of the fresh water lagoon. Mahshahr-Abadan road in the south of the lagoon breaks. The road connecting the highway Shadegan Abadan-Ahwaz split divides the lagoon and it has a negative effect on the flow of water. Srakhyh from the highway to get to Abadan, Ahwaz should be taken in three ways Darkhoein should route to the East on the road continued Shadegan. From this point to Srakhyh 12 km route in advance. Srakhyh overall distance to the provincial capital(Ahvaz) Approximately 80 km.

Location wetland in Khuzestan province

Venice Srakhyh Iran?

One of the channels Srakhyh

Srakhyh and Ragbeh titles As well as have Iran. Although this attribute but the difference did not justify Large living here than in other parts of the country creates an interesting variation is. Direct ties to the pond here you can easily see life. Hunting by men And the boys are doing and catch fish by women and girls in the shade mat next The road is for sale. Shadegan roadside village women on the ground in the shadow of Straw They are waiting for customers to sell fish.

Water resources Shadegan:
The main source of nutrition Lagoon is an operation that originated from the mountains kohgiluyeh and upstream of the Maroon It is well known. It is named after the famous surgeon is pa. The surgeon after arrival SHADEGAN Creek to the city limits of several split after irrigation to The plains and wetlands is. For years after construction of a dam upstream water rights and water scarcity Wetlands are not. In the past wetland by rivers “giant”، “Bahrah” And the “Slmanh” Karun also taken from the water that for years it But the news that Karun floods in May 98 of this inundation through Shadegan Was.

Srakhyh, sunbathing geese

Wetlands in the Northwest Territories, sugar cane industry high-level working. They use a lot of water and this water comes from Karon. Now the water is saltier water drainage that will be combined with organic materials nitrate and phosphate to be Shadegan. Lack of pond water and wastewater industry in the wake of helplessness sugar cane industry lagoon from lack of water and wastewater, saline wetland and water pollution and agricultural waste materials of sugar cane it has been destroyed.

The hardships of life in the lagoon:

Wetlands always flood with water and overflow into the sea would clean the pond. Persistent drought in the summer with almost no water pond and wetland margins life and wildlife is endangered.
But in contrast to the drought in Khuzestan in April 1398 caused extensive flood submergence of villages along the road were Lagoon. Some houses was flooded and caused the destruction of many was here.

Rvstagrdy round pond Shadegan:

Many villages around the wetland. Srakhyh and Ragbeh almost across the lagoon Hstnnd. But this does not mean that access to them should be passed by boat through the water to reach them. The villages along the road through the wetlands Darkhoein Shadegan be rejected and all the houses are connected with a street road. Srakhyh three streets, but that in the depth of the lagoon and all the houses along the water and wetland landscape.

Landscape house in Srakhyh
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This is my personal opinion that to understand wetland in the countryside, is suitable Srakhyh. Srakhyh small and quiet village gives more to tourists. Things can not be there due to overcrowding and larger Ragbeh see.

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Sunset, Srakhyh
Small boat or Belem

Srakhyh are all in Arabic language and those who speak Persian are low. But most children who go to school know Persian. There are two grocery store in Srakhyh provide basic needs. Items must be a way for more variety Ragbeh or Shadegan.
At the beginning of Srakhyh side of the road in a large building that is quite distinct from the village, there. Downstairs is a living museum space with natural lagoon and on top of that there is the possibility of renting a room with an unknown user to stay the night there. A little sloppy, but it can be handy to take.

Regular meal in the village fish pond wetland Srakhyh that cheap can be obtained from the women of the village along the road. There are several models of fish. Barbecue that can be taken from their tips. Some people make it possible for you. Most fish type “Shang” is.

Srakhyh for passengers sailing the station was planned that Baqayq patrol car in the pond. But this wetland should be visible with a wooden oar peace and quiet of sight and out. Water depth near the road and communication channel between the pond two meters is less than one meter, but in other sectors.

Tourist boat ride Shadegan
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Srakhyh, Shadegan

Corner of travel Our short Shadegan:

On the morning of 9 Persian date Bahman 1398 After a long delay traffic in the terminal south of Tehran, Ahvaz finally arrived and Unfortunately for us our bus to go to Abadan, Khorramshahr and Abadan, Ahvaz old road program Was his. Or should be implemented Abadan and Ahvaz or another way of highways and roads Shadegan went too long and the costs of transport More. We risks and the Which was practically deserted road between us and we got to go Darkhoein. Now my wife And boy 2. 5 years on the road the car did not rule out standing. Few Several car(Exploitation of oil fields) That was their way to early to rule And frustration that they were not!

We were ready to waiting hours and began walking in the direction we walked. Winter warm sun behind and our baggage was walking style. 15 minutes later, the car stopped shaking hands with Pride. Our positive energy was the answer and what the answer was. Farid and his friend from Mahshahr had been fishing in the nearby river all night and now they were on their way back to Mahshahr where they were passing through Shadegan and we could get off in Sarakhieh.. It was almost impossible, it was possible. These are the features of not having a car. Meet and find friends everywhere and talk and experience and exchange contact numbers and a good memory. البته هیچ وقت ریسک نکنید، شاید ساعت ها انتظار لازم باشد 😀

مسیر در حوزه شرکت نفت و گاز اروندان است. After 25 km we reached the Darkhoein and Karun River and Ahvaz-Abadan road to go to the Shadegan. In Srakhyh new friends We Khdakhafzy. The first face of Zhrgah Srakhyh women sitting in the shade mat and sale The car is passing fish. Wicker view large buildings and office building museum The first view is incompatible village at the entrance Srakhyh. Mr. Chbaghy at the beginning Village met them at the top of the building showed me the room for the night Manny And a pledge of him and the style of the times we went to the streets Srakhyh. With kids Kind of village that we get along together and we would return. All the streets in the pond water The. Construction was going too far. Flood flooded much trouble Persian date Ordibehesht 98 Residents had. Of course, not all homes had water. In one of the side streets. Wetlands Bvdbm Mehdi and his little friend arrived with a Raft. Later we heard from his father that Mehdi how much fascinated by boats and water. I complained about it and wanted to Lessons have passion. Some places the flow is intense and deep lagoon and swim M. Not feared. Mehdi we fit in the big boat his grandfather and a few minutes Together. Srakhyh Mehdi and his friends on the other side and we are here to say goodbye to the familiar Was the kindly family who say you can not roast nature. It was a good thing and Fish bought and returned to their home. Shang fish was very cheap and surprisingly,. one of Girls pure and elegant house tomato sauce and calmly he was Kbabsh. Girls Persian knew the boy and the parents spoke only in Arabic. Decided that If we are able to give room to stay by paying the cost of living there and our food Rooms come and relax and restore museum. Agreed and gave us a room and To learn more and to talk grounds. The father of the house with a common language We had things in common with the photo and hint hint hours and wetland … We chatted. The girls were also in the role of translation. One of the girls had left school. Little brother too. But big sister with an interest in studying and going to school The University of. The urge to other kids who left school not to avail. Even the girls heard his mother a week with their 10 year old son sitting in school But insisted to no avail education. Uncle night by guys who were neighbors soiree Relented. Worked to prepare new fishing nets. Tours various thicknesses It is almost a year of work, and it was. We thought that to be the morning of Belem Father to go fishing and see the sunrise, but if he intends to tackle it Days were.

Inheritors of the pond, the future is in the hands of these guys.
Srakhyh favorite kids was very interesting boat and pond.
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Sunset, Srakhyh
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I never went for a walk and a bit of sun and M were shooting. The air was clear and the sun did not come up exactly in front of the house. By the time we got back and had breakfast, the father of the family had told the children to call us, and when I woke up I saw a fireball in the sky above the lagoon.. The final scenes tour Shadegan dearly in lives and say goodbye to our loving family.

Dawn Srakhyh
Dawn, Srakhyh and calm lagoon
Sunrise at Srakhyh on wetland
Sunrise Srakhyh

We stood along the road with passing cars to the series we Ragbeh. After a few minutes the young man who introduced himself as an employee of Area Power Administration bother to bring us more in the direction of Shadegan two km West of the village was Ragbeh. Ragbeh larger and is generally shops along the road. We were a little in her streets, roads and went to the pond. Furthermore, we travel to another village called Alveh near Ahvaz and should Shadegan heart Kndym. So that together we returned to the narrow road Shadegan to continue the way we travel.

Tips for traveling to Shadegan:

A view of the Srakhyh
  • If you want to stay in the room of the museum or on a trip to the wetland program can contact Mr. Chbaghy 09167466248 residents Srakhyh.
  • The village has limited facilities and infrastructure in the tourism Srakhyh does not exist, but a unique opportunity to connect with local communities and Hmsbty and chat with their observation and familiarity with the customs and norms of life.
  • Srakhyh with the principles of ecotourism potential in attracting tourists to the area will help if Aboriginal tourism experts up their sleeves and tourism here is not limited to a boat ride in the lagoon. Crafts, familiar with the customs and life of wetland dwellers, experience different fishing methods and experience racing in the Marshes wetland Belem, including experience that will remain forever in the minds of tourists. I hope that soon a residence Bvmgrdy with local management Srakhyh with maximum compatibility with the environment starts.
  • Be careful not to make money in connection with the kind children of the village who have been asking you for money since you were a child, and do not cause cultural destruction..
  • However, the financial level of the people here is low and their hands are empty. But instead, their hearts are as big as the lagoon. Do not neglect to talk and socialize with the villagers, which may not be less than the experience of seeing the lagoon.

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