Harandeh to Khomedeh(Firoozkooh, Tehran)

Scrolling style on the road six kilometers Harandeh(ःArndeh) To Khomedeh(Khomedeh) Nimrod is going on the side, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and most Four Seasons GOLGASHT paths Iran. Over the course of apples and other fruits gardens and Nimrod life. Nimrod goes to Hablehrood and go toward the Garmsar and the central desert.

River Valley Nimrod
In the course of Khomedeh

Harandeh height of 1820 meters at the beginning and end of the track at a height of 1740 meters Khomedeh.

This route can be in the form of half-day or full-day program and spent the rest of varied and patrol the river. Harandeh goes to the Khomedeh(Khomedeh) Is. Harandeh village near the main road(Tehran-Firoozkooh) And is approximately 13 kilometers southwest Firoozkooh. For those who are interested in this exciting way to see the beautiful cave there Bvrnyk. Read here about Bvrnyk.

Barberry in September
Interesting space was created snails
Blue sky dreams of big cities is easily available here
Early September is still a bit early to be picking time

During the course of a gentle slope, and if so calmly, a maximum of three hours. Project is moving along the road sign indicates the way to the river. Khomedeh near the route of the Project to the tarmac and dirt road and then a little later we see her in the beautiful village Khomedeh. Traces of carving on the side of the mountain and build booths in the village there. Khmbv a residence near the fountain in the name of the famous village of active Khomedeh is possible to rest, eat or stay the night there.

Near Harandeh

  Khomedeh means winter village. Khomedeh near Tehran North as well mortgagor. This way every season has its own navigation features. Lush spring, summer and water games, autumn and apples and Shed beautiful, snowy winter. In the section of track that is considered to little height, lush landscapes wonderful place alongside Nimrod show. Bvrnyk cave is one of the most beautiful scenery in the direction and height of the beauty of the valley More Shows.

Benazir's vision is to describe the height
In the middle of the track
In the middle of the track

How to get Harandeh:

Harandeh is near the main road, either by car or by bus and taxi route Tehran Firoozkooh crossed the road next to Harandeh got into bypass. In Khomedeh, if not the route to walk back Harandeh(If your car is Harandeh) You can hire a car from the village and go by road. If you would not have a car, the Khomedeh can be Firoozkooh went straight from there to Tehran or other purposes will.

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