Dome and salt mines of Garmsar(Semnan)

Salt and tourism hub of salt Iran Semnan province can be called. Dome and several salt mines in the province could be one of the most important phenomena geomorphological and geological attractions convert.

Here's the first salt mine is on track to reach. It is also written into the salt cave in.

Salt mines between Eyvanakey and Garmsar, resulting from the activities of Qom salt dome. Visit the mines in the control area with basic room and will be picked up. This style of rainwater harvesting to prevent mine. Stand tall ceilings and huge salt mines and in front of the illusion is astonishing.

Jasl water from rainfall has created an interesting scene.
High ceiling like a giant structure is very attractive mining.
End of one of the mine tunnels

Multiple holes in the rock salt for loading explosives can be seen and some of them do not know whether the danger is that the wire is connected or not. It is better to deal with it, we caution.

The holes that were created for loading explosives. Is there something in it?
Hole in the wall for loading explosives
Hole in the wall for loading explosives

The path to the salt mines of Garmsar:

Access to this area in the West to the East Branch route Is. Where there is no traffic sign is not a sidetrack you into the mines Brings. The first is the famous salt mine cave. Other mines along the road available are. Some of them are active and dangerous heavy machinery.

Road salt mines
Mines road quality is not good on the part of the route

Roads in parts of the earth or for moving truck Mine was of low quality but light passenger vehicles will pass without problem Did.

Beginning of the road salt mines that are no pictures no
Access to the salt mines in the salt dome
The first mine or cave attracted the attention of visitors. The mine is not active.
Northern landscape to the salt mine
View to the north
An interesting view of erosion in salt domes
Slightly higher than the first mining can be achieved in other mines.
Most of these mines are a form of. Rooms are large and thick pillars of salt
Beautiful rock salt near Garmsar
Mine salt in the salt dome Garmsar

A little about the salt dome:

Salt domes are the result of tectonic activity of the earth and mixing with it It is a sedimentary layer that has risen due to lower density than other layers and in some The dots are dome-shaped due to the pressure of the layers. Mainly in the areas of Or fracture resistance is lower layers of the earth. This phenomenon occurs.

Capsiformis eroded salt
Various forms of rock salt near Salt Cave
No Description
No Description
No Description
No Description
The first salt mine openings
Beautiful colors in the salt mines
Despite the beautiful attractions available yet geotourism program for this area yet.
Salt cave or mine guard at the entrance to the first one there with the money from the machine or there is the possibility of seeing pedestrians. Despite the various salt dome in Semnan province at the provincial level and proximity to high capacity in Geotourism is tourism market

To learn about the access route GPS Faybl Donate Placed.

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