Meter waterfall( Village gauge, Savojbolagh, Alborz)

Beautiful village gauge that can be a day trip destination for capital dwellers and residents of the district divisions of Karaj in Alborz province is Baraghan of Chendar District city Savojbolagh.

Meter waterfall

The sparsely populated village with a beautiful garden that is a resident of livelihood.

Orchards of walnut, cherry, black cherry, Prunus, or ( Tomato Baraghan) In the summer there are a large boom.

The beginning of the walking path and park cars
Hiking trailhead and parking location
Alley alley gauge

Baraghan area for a short tour in early summer is a good option, but unfortunately access to the river in most villages in this region has been severely restricted.

Villas of extensive Hashh Kordan River in recent years have transformed the face area. Baraghan the river that branches Kurds is not excluded from this rule I.

But will also gauge the meter waterfall on the river has been created, and the main branches of the river Baraghan a little better, and people still have the possibility to get to the water. It's almost noon of a summer day continued till the evening temperature was very pleasant and fun..

River gauges
Passing through groves of walnut and other summer fruits
People on the river are spending the holiday
Refreshing water
Narrow pass
, And garden and stone…
Keep your garden space
Beautiful butterfly
Artificial waterfall
The entire route was cool shade in the summer heat
Soaring trees and attractive shades
Sometimes forced into the water should be shallow and short course
Almost the entire route to the foot of the waterfall is clear and does not need help
Footsteps can be heard water everywhere
Special masonry stone in the middle of the track to make it interesting to eat.
Finally cascade that manifests itself
Sun long days of summer are slowly declining, and the air is dark
The roar of the thundering water of the waterfall timer has created a gap in the mountains
And all…

To gauge we chose the path of Karaj highway and output Kurds and Kurds after the passing of that is due to the presence of wealthy individuals relatively modern appearance has become Baraghan path to Pymvdym.

Out of curiosity, we went to the village to see a villa with a special architecture built in this village, although it doesn't appeal to Changi because it has no historical value and is not in the public interest, and it has nothing in common with Iranian architecture..

Special villa village AGHASHT

Then we got out right at the beginning Baraghan the road to the north and narrow path and reached gauge mountain village. Shorter route, but traffic is more than the city of Karaj.

To gauge the or google map you can get help. These applications are tracked in both directions.

GPS files for easier access path in Donate Placed.

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