Tar Valley(Zarghan, Fars province.)

Dim Valley in the north of the city and 30 kilometers northeast of Shiraz is Zarghan. This area is within the National Park Bamou to visit and have performed more severe environmental issues.  Scroll This beautiful route among almond trees mountain and see the beautiful rocks eroded a good half-day nature will experience.

Elegant form erosion

The adventure of navigating the scenic valley missions working days to Shiraz Refinery comes after the session the evening change the appearance and way of nature was, by searching around the area with the help of Google Earth and wikiloc Valley blurred in the northern city of Zarghan I met. به پالایشگاه نزدیک بود و با چند پیاده و سوار از کنار جاده که همگی مرامی مرا جا به جا کردند خود را ابتدا به انتهای زرقان در جاده اصلی و سپس در جاده بند امیر، سر جاده فرعی روستای “Qydrqlv” Near Valley went blurry.

Signs along the road at the end of Zarghan near shrine
Beginning a dirt road Qydrqlv area

It was June and the heat of the Persian, but quiet and gentle breeze was cool and interesting sights path. More on both sides of the dirt road that passed vineyard. Plantation area and living here is not certain.

Qydrqlv area
Environmental monitoring in the picture

Near the end of a dirt road, environmental monitoring station under the supervision of the National Park Bamou comes into sight, I go forward, but no one was at the station. The sun is behind me and I'm going to the East until the end of the earth. Here are ten other roads and should be finished before my Valley Project. The last breath of spring flowers combed cotton and sugar Tyghal to face the colors are seen everywhere jaundice. Here peanuts and figs green shrubs that adorn the valley . Spring almond blossoms here is a must-see. Hours from six in the evening I took the long way. Must keep going and at the end of the valley to the top of the valley Chahmnh go the route in the opposite direction from the top of the Valley I . Forecast dark on the longest day of the year, but I had to stretch to describe this beautiful valley was of normal intelligence. I'm alone and I look at everything carefully to absorb maximum energy around me. I'm alone and I listen to all voices and to entrust.

An interesting form of rocks at the beginning of the track
The beginning of the path to the dark valley
Life in stone

Voice partridges and other birds living in this valley to valley tar are always revolving nature. A little bit of direction I go, I see the engine ranger. And I see a little head around Chrkhanm. His name is Mr. Bahadori. It is very noble companionship with people whose job very enjoyable. Beat chat. I introduce myself and say my destination. Chahmnh knew before I told him I was not there, but with passion!! Ewes and lambs flock says you're lucky you might see at high altitudes. I'm the eyes of nowhere. I say goodbye and wish to proceed. Valley with a gentle slope goes up and finally I get to the point where the valley to the south(Right) Here it appears that the steeper rises in the South Valley, go to the well (ever) I, the valley narrows and becomes more beautiful. This area is shaped stones eye-catching everywhere.

 On the track, uphill faster and with a viper suddenly stepped leave. I was a little shocked, carefully take away and take photos, lucky they did not grow up Naghafl. I had not realized there was no escape. Small horned viper. The nature and the warm seasons in camouflage walking between areas and grassland and it is not clear where the footing is good more must be handled with care. A little later I get to the top of the valley. Beautiful Plains and around the seared cover the Euphrates poplar tree beautiful(if I'm not mistaken) This shallow well water, but the Savior wildlife. Drinking water is not. Tonight the moon is full and gradually rises in the East. I'm a little rest and drink tea. Then go to the West of the Project and the unique sunset views of the plains Nvazshm. Cool summer evening breeze is blowing. When I get downstairs, it's almost 9 pm and it's dark. I have a long way to go and I plan to go to Shiraz to the hotel where I participated. With over 13 km hike from the trailhead, my energy and my eyes filled with beauty area. به محیط بانی می روم که خداحافظی کنم و کمی گوشی ام را شارژ کنم و در نهایت ایشان با لطف، مرا تا سر جاده می رساند و از پیاده روی بی حاصل تا آنجا خلاص می شوم.

A beautiful meadow and tree, a safe haven for life
Chahmaneh is the highest part of the route
Almost the entire Pakub route is clear.
Almost the entire Pakub route is clear.
At the top of the valley, near Chahmaneh. Photo to the east

Another month in July, our passage will reach the Shiraz refinery, and this time I am eager to visit the Tar Valley.. This time I will go with Shahin, a colleague from my heart and I will have a good trip.. This time the grapes are ripe, the weather is still warm and the day is shortened to about seven in the evening. We go to see a spring in the environment and we may be happy, but it wasn't… The silence and stillness of the atmosphere was dark. The cotton thorns were dry…

Many minutes in the middle of the valley We sat down and watched the Quebec activity, and in the silence we were overwhelmed with pleasure. In Chahmaneh, a small herd We saw the lambs of the ewes that noticed us and quickly moved away. It was the peak of my pleasure. I wish I could see them more. Maybe we were unwanted guests and disturbed their peace. We rested by the well again, and the evening came sooner than before, and all came back with the light We turned on the lights.

It seems that this valley is not full I am waiting for his spring…

Enchanting sunset in return

Here are some tips to help you get started: Tar:

Tar Valley except for marginal areas O Bamoo National Park is in Fars province. Park Nationals are an important habitat for wildlife, and there is better peace than anywhere else Is established. During the visit, try to go with a small group. Keep quiet until Enjoy more. Do not move anything. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive Don't leave and go through Pakub. To protect wildlife.

In the area, most are unfamiliar with the valley and its route. So rely on the map and GPS and know the name of the Qidarqloo area and know where to go to the dirt side..

It takes at least three to four hours to navigate the valley and the return route from Chahmaneh, and plan ahead.. Unwanted walks may be imposed on you if you do not have a vehicle. Distances are like this: From Imamzadeh in Zarghan and Band-e-Amir road to the side of Qidar Gholoo: 2 km. From the dirt side of the land to the beginning of the valley:2.5 km . From the beginning of the valley to my well: 4 km. From my well to the beginning of the valley from the top: 3.5 km. Height obtained along the route: 400 meters

There are no shops in the area and you have to get what you need from Zarghan. Know that there is no water spring in this route.

To be familiar with the GPS file Donate Placed.

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