Cascade Shyvnd(-ize, Khuzestan)

Somewhere along the way ize and Dehdez, in the mountains Mangasht Khuzestan, a village called Shyvnd good climate and beautiful waterfalls to Sfrmast. Karun road on this side and on that side Shyvnd. Changes in human nature created by Karun-3 Dam in Khuzestan province is. However, a large lake in our route and see Shyvnd is not possible without the short trip on the water.

Since the construction of Karun Dam 3(Completion of construction in 2004) With the disappearance of access roads to rural areas, including Sadat Hosseini, Shivand and … Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company Several barges(Floating car), Rather than the construction of access roads, for residents and their cars launched here. During operation of the barges have left bitter memories.

Barge in Karun 3

However, these boats with a schedule every day on the move. Pier to Pier units Shalev is going to be Shyvnd. At the time of our visit(نوروز۹۸) The last barge from Pier 17:30 moves approximately 17 kilometers to Shyvnd 1. 5 hours. How many stops on the way to the last stop(Shyvnd) There is. Departure time depends on the season of the year. The hardness of online sources and query of the hours we found people. Ize it came from, the road was busy and because of falling rocks blocked the road and stop unwanted path we were on the road. However, at the time of our arrival that day in front of our eyes the last barge dock Shalev was separated units. We were disappointed that we found motor boats are ready to go. We had originally planned to float a car with a car carrying Shyvnd win but it is a priority for local residents and always barge with tractors and vans and minibuses … Are filled almost to say in March for travelers to carry machine. In fact, you do not have to take the car. There is parking on the waterfront Shalev units and can be easily done this trip without a car. Free travel by barge.

Boat ride on Lake Karun 3, the distance between the boat dock units Shalev almost half an hour to Shyvnd.

Barge went on their way and we were able to coordinate with Mr. Kavoosi boat dock with. The boat is relatively expensive but fast. Mr. Kavoosi proposal to tight “Qasim fashion” Or “Ghasemi” Gave. We immediately accepted. With rising water dam and water tight grip shaped attraction. Falls are a tight butts and Mr. Kavoosi with specific skills through the wall near the waterfall to reach us.

Qasim Vrs·h narrow perspective or Ghasemi
It is tight in the middle Shyvnd.
Dam water rising to its limit.
Tight space inside Qasim
Tight end Qasim
Snowy mountains in this area in March.

On the evening of March and Khuzestan Shyvnd air cooling jacket is necessary. In the middle of the road, we overtake the barge and at the Shivand pier, a pre-arranged van is waiting for us.. Dirt road to the village and some in a very inappropriate. Pick up other pending Msafrnd or maybe want to go by barge to the pier Shalev. Lack of proper roads and mountainous terrain make life difficult.

Waiting in Port Shyvnd

Mr. Kiani in Shyvnd number of Internet'd found them to stay home and vans to take us from the pier to the village to coordinate. Almost three kilometers distance from the dock to the house was untidy and children walking with tools required patience, certainly in the time of day and driving fatigue in total that day was not possible for us.

The village is very poor in some parts Shyvnd. The Energy Department has not completed even rural road.
Shyvnd located in the protected area MONGASHT
In the village of Shyvnd

Most of the surnames here are Kiani and you have to give complete details to find the person you are looking for. We feel the icy breeze of the evening sun on our cheeks. We get home. It is almost one of the highest houses in Shivand. Shivand has three villages. New Shivand village, Murghab and town which is commonly called Shivand. The view of the waterfall from Mr. Kiani's house brightens our souls and you feel that it was worth it that I came here..

View of Shivand waterfalls from the house of residence

Mr. Kiani's mother puts an oil lamp in the middle of the house. The house is newly built and it is clear how much they have incurred with these transportation conditions. Personally, I hope that with the boom in tourism, their business will be more prosperous and the costs will return sooner.
Before it gets completely dark, we decide to tour the village. We pick up the tea flask and walk downstairs. We go to the shops. The shops have all the honey and pomegranate paste, which is the most important souvenir here. Mr. Kiani (This time a shopkeeper) The reading card with the SIM card did not have an antenna. He said that the crowds of Nowruz and passengers caused traffic in the bandwidth and only worked in the mornings and late nights.. This phenomenon was also interesting in its kind. There was also a small hotel in the village with a semi-finished structure. The sound of the river in the village and the darkness felt good. Almost any kind of food could be prepared from the shops. The people of Shivand were warm-hearted and knew the importance of tourism well.
The morning sun was pleasant. From the house, we take the dirt road to the mountain. The waterfall is always in front of us. The fish pond with the cold water of Shivand mountains is very interesting. For lunch, we asked Ms. Kiani to prepare trout for us.

Alley of village gardens on the way to the waterfall

Few sections of the waterfall path are paved and easy for everyone. But most of the way is to step on our normal posture, which makes better sense to us. It takes about forty-five minutes on a low slope to reach the foot of the waterfall. The route is along the river and the river roars in spring. Near the waterfall, there is a steep path with a steep slope and access to the plain above the waterfall.
It is Nowruz and the trees have not sprouted here yet. The sound of the waterfall is loud and exciting. I go to the top of the waterfall and by calculating the GPS, the height of the waterfall is about 50 meters. The top of Karun 3 dam lake is also visible.
The waterfall route is very beautiful and has a shop, a teahouse and a restaurant.

The path of Shivand waterfall passes by the river.
Shivand waterfall route and water transfer pipe
The sound of roaring water on the way to visit Shivand waterfall resonates.
Few sections of the path to the waterfall have been paved.
No Description
No Description
Cascade Shyvnd
Summer photos of this waterfall are very green.
Spring has not come here yet(Nowruz)
View of the village gardens from the top of the waterfall
From the first waterfall you go up, this plain and other waterfalls are waiting
View of Karun 3 dam lake from the top of the waterfall
The water drops by the waterfall get very wet and it feels good.
The height of the waterfall was approximately 50 meters by GPS calculation.
The trees are slowly blooming and the gardens are very charming.
No Description
Peach blossoms
Life Again
Life Again
Shivand new houses

It is noon and we return home. Ms. Kiani grilled salmon with great taste. Shivand pomegranate paste is also the taste of this food. Time is short and we have to return to Shalou Pier with a barge. We were here for almost 24 hours, enjoying every minute of it.

Salmon lunch from Shivand fish farm
Salmon lunch from Shivand fish farm
Salmon lunch from Shivand fish farm.
Salmon lunch from Shivand fish farm
Salmon lunch from Shivand fish farm

The rainy clouds of Nowruz 98 that started the Lorestan flood are still active. The rainy clouds of Nowruz 98 that started the Lorestan flood are still active. The rainy clouds of Nowruz 98 that started the Lorestan flood are still active.

The water level of the lake is approximately 850 meters above sea level.
The water level of the lake is approximately 850 meters above sea level

The water level of the lake is approximately 850 meters above sea level.
Access to Shivand waterfall
Access to Shivand waterfall

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