Fort Mammadli Khan(Salend, Khuzestan Province)

Like a framed painting, landscape and unique dream, the big screen with waterfalls and rivers flow Hrjaysh. These are the first descriptions, when the first spring in front of the natural effect to the common name “Fort Mammadli Khan(Mohammad Ali Khan)” I put.
I see a couple of waterfalls, little glance, this number reaches 10. Counts that fall close to 40 short and long waterfall can see. I'm ecstatic to get a foot into streams do not know.

A view of the castle Mammadli Khan when it's in front of.

Fort Mmdly Khan Where?

The beautiful effects of nature in the city of Sardasht is located in Dezful. From Dezful to Salend approximately 45 km and then a secondary road, 25 km mountain path to this point. Mountain Trailhead of seven shellfish in sight, and it is very eye-catching special form.

Trailhead near Upper berries and scenic view Haftanan

The first village on the road, the village is white lips, a river flows here during our trip in March was so soft air. Everyone is waiting for the bride and groom were in the small village and a large crowd at dance. Children who do not get much of the ceremony with new clothes had to think more about the lip of the game.

A large rock with interesting form of black lips
Waterfall along the road in white lips
View Haftanan

Now after the white lips, and little more height roads appear Oak Zagros. Do not thrust spring here and more trees are budding at. a few moments later “Bowalhasan, Kurdistan” In advance. School and may also be an option for accommodation we decided to go Salend. Ten passes quickly and the other has nothing left stronghold.

No Description
Is on track to create a beautiful landscape
No Description
Interesting rock formations and is near Fort Mmdly Khan
The first view of fortress Mmdly Khan
Fort Mmdly Khan

In front of the castle that was the valley under your feet. Project to narrow path that goes down to the valley followed. Peanuts and green grass Oak trees in spring shine. And is a short distance to reach the next quarter and continue up the mountain almost certain. Mmdly road near the fortress height of 850 meters above sea level.
Dezful and settled by groups of young people around for a week and two-week camping and poultry and … To feed the days of the New Year with tents abandoned.

Waterfalls blue staircase is unique in season.
Nowruz on March 98, but was delayed a little spring.
Take your time to try to see this area.
Fort Mmdly Khan's tallest waterfall
No Description
The camera is able to capture the beauty of. From anywhere was flowing waterfall.
1398 New Year's beauty was extreme rainfall here
There is a welcoming area. Groups could be seen more than a week in the camp were waiting Bedar set.
Vegetation, rocks and waterfalls make here is not great.
The waterfall was very tempting and inadequate waste of time
All mountain stronghold view Mmdly Khan

Given the time available, can be found in the area birding tours organized various programs for flowers. Go to the waterfalls and hiking in the area is very attractive looks. We had little time to sunset and we preferred to spend time in the valley and near the waterfalls.

some notes:
– To Fort Mmdly Khan is very easy with paved roads and roads near the attraction pass.
To reach the fort Mmdly Khan route Dezful, should the city Salend before Grft.s·h km to Salend, in the village of Upper Berry, where there is no sign, an asphalt sub output(Nomadic road) Length of 25 km in the north direction of the gravity.
– First, you cross the village of White lips and then takes high road passes through forests of oak. In most scenic route Haftanan resonate mountain road is a beautiful castle. After the village Bvlhsn (Approximately 6 km after) You have to wait to see this beautiful mountain on the left Chadh.
– Fort Mmdly Khan, about an hour away from the main road Dezful-Salend and all asphalt roads.. The mountain road is narrow and should be more cautious.
– Winter and spring is the best time to visit this attraction late.
– Accommodation in this direction, and we spend the night at a school in Salend(Accommodation Plan Year) Spent. Camping in the region due to the abundant water resources, water and fine weather is awesome.

And moments of farewell to Fort Mammadli Khan, amazing sunset made us excited.

To be familiar with the GPS file Donate Placed.

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