Fairy chimneys and flat Dave (Mahneshan, Zanjan)

Each attraction or a phenomenon called learned words Natural or extraterrestrial like fairies, spirits and demons is composed of most interest. There is also no exception fairy chimneys. Fort Behestan 12 km from city Mahneshan Zanjan is located right at the foot of the puck chimneys Dave also known as flat.

Fairy chimneys, Behestan

 Chimney Hoodoo is a geological phenomenon that results from the erosion of parts of the mountain that form the body It has sediment and softness and its upper part is composed of a harder rock that is resistant It is higher against erosion, which is why the mountain has a special shape and form due to erosion It becomes fungal in shape. The height of the chimneys to 45 meters in some parts of the world. Seems.

Form special Frsays
Dave fairy chimneys and holes on bed
Fairy chimneys overlooking the Behestan

Near the villages of Behestan and Eagle Bolagh Castle Paradise or Demon Bed is an attraction that along with the nature of this area can be a one-off program Or two days is suitable for the residents of the capital.

It takes years to be formed
Commons is common among the puck on top of the stack sit
Outlook Behestan and Ghezelozan over fairy chimneys
Access stairs to the fairy chimneys
Sunset in Ghezelozan

In English the word Hoodoo word to someone or something is said to bring bad luck. However, in special geological phenomenon is the result of a specific form of erosion.

Hard rock at the top of the chimney is clear

The fortress dates back to the ancient history of the Behestan or flat Dave Is said to begin using these Castle is Medes.

Dave debris left by the bed at the foot of fairy chimneys

This particular phenomenon with castle beds Dave Blndayy Ghezelozan is located overlooking the landscape area of ​​the castle is very beautiful Behestan.

Fairy chimneys from the distance
It is right next to a park beside there Ghezelozan
back view
Fairy chimneys Behestan
From far away
Road to the chimney extends
And all…

To reach Behestan, if you start from Zanjan You have to leave Zanjan-Tabriz road after about 42 km to Mahneshan, from This point is about 73 km to Behestan, which passes through the village of Eagle Bolagh and crossing the bridge on Ghezel Ozan can reach Behistan from afar You will see the hand of Behestan Castle or the Throne of the Demon and the phenomenon of the jinn chimney.

If your route is from Tabriz and Miyaneh, you should Move from the middle to Zanjan and at 45 km of this route near the train station Arriving back, you have to continue the road until 5 km after the return, a side road Turn right at a steep angle and follow the path of the moon. This road is still on It passes by Ghezel Ozan and through the heart of the rainbow mountains. With the passage of the villages Qytvl, Nagorno Hiking, fence and see the castle of storks which have been introduced in a mountain rainbow- Mahneshan and then will come to Behestan.

To learn more about the GPS file Donate Loaded.

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