High Castle, gateway to Turan(Biarjomand, Semnan Province)

Semnan province can be called one of the most special provinces of Iran. There is a large part of the great desert and mysterious Iran Alborz Mountain, certain climatic diversity in this region has created. یکی از روستاهای دیدنی با موقعیت خوب گردشگری در این استان به نام قلعه بالا هدف از این سفر بود که با تجربه بی نظیر بازدید از پارک ملی توران همراه شد.

During a km to get to the castle Top

Castle Village set up in moments of an autumn day
Castle Village set up in moments of an autumn day

Our source Tehran and is a sunny November morning to see the unseen love heart on the road of East tour. Tehran shut down traffic in the quiet morning and we have something to offer after his two hours at the inn's ten salt. Safavid caravanserai has been rebuilt and is now well over ten salt had Languages. The inn is quiet and very pleasant warm sun in the yard. We eat breakfast on the porch and really enjoy the space.

Inn of salt in the path of Garmsar, Semnan
Inn of salt

Numerous telescopes stationed in the yard and see the night sky is most lusted. Tehran distance to our destination, the High Castle about 540 km. And in this way should Garmsar, Semnan, Damghan, Shahrood, Miami and finally passed Biarjomand. Compliance with speed limits and rest in the course of nearly seven hours on the track will be.

Neighbors in the High Castle

The prospect of high castle
The prospect of high castle

High Castle in the divisions except the city anymore Biarjomand functions. The 140 km route in advance anymore to High Castle. We will pass the Biarjomand and a holiday filled not pretty bird. Biarjomand is centered around the villages. Biarjomand old road goes from one side Torud. Signs lead us up to the castle. Biarjomand to the top of the castle about 22 km route in advance. All the way to the south of the mountain range seen. Ahmed castle and the castle in the foothills above can be seen from far away. Khankhvdy village on the plains, the nearest village to the castle high. At night, high above the castle houses to the north, the plain look, like islands in a sea of ​​light to see. The last point that is greater than all, and Dvrtrast Biarjomand.

Surfing the streets High Castle

A view from the roof above the castle houses the residence of the Citadel
A view from the roof above the castle houses the residence of the Citadel

During the tourism boom over six old houses have been turned into resorts Bvmgrdy. Before coming here name some of them had heard and had finally decided to stay at Citadel High Castle. Thanks for the tips guys walked up the narrow alleys and stone residence has arrived. تقریبا یکی از بلندترین نقاط روستا بود و منظره غروب پاییز و آفتاب کمرنگ روی خانه های روستا بسیار چشم نواز.حمل وسایل ما و سهند از ماشین تا اقامتگاه باعث شد دو بار فاصله را طی کنم. But it was worth it to stay in a place with a view. John gives residence roof terrace to sit and look out and stroked the cool breeze and a fridge Autumn Species. Very soon we are coordinating with Mr. Keyghobad to go to Turan was on patrol F .F way this morning with our valuable experience.

Prairie landscape
Prairie landscape

Sunset on patrol in the village investigated. Cobblestone streets and quiet. There is no impasse almost here and we do not know the password of any of the alleys is like a puzzle remains attractive. Shops and bakeries on the main street and the car on rural input.

Rural areas such as islands in the sea at night lit.
Rural areas such as islands in the sea at night lit.

Turan National Park, a chance to see wildlife Iran

Iranian Gore on Turan habitat
Iranian Gore on Turan habitat

Morning at 7:30 and F exactly on time waiting for us, but we thought we found only a Roniz and a pickup truck along with the other passengers. At the same time we expect the output of the village Plain First of nature. Great bunch sheep on a hill, showed their effects. We've watched their beauty fades and a heart full. Security of wildlife in this area is bringing wildlife here. People know that thanks to the wildlife that tourism will flourish here. The castle above the gateway to the National Park Turan.

Earlier beautiful Wolf ran off the road and patience to deal with someone who did not pass.

Balarftym his neck and the other hand we channeled the Beast. There is also the mistress of a residence near Bvmgrdy can be an interesting experience.
Sweethearts Srmhytbany close a bit later to get permission to enter.

Environmental monitoring head mistress
Environmental monitoring head mistress

Mr. enable us pour out Srmhytbany team buses were. Dirt road brings us to the heart Turan.

Chelated Sweethearts

Z. atriplicoides bushes along the way is very high. Slope of the land to the south and we are waiting for a surprise visit. I hope that the Iranians see the grave nature surprised us. Major categories of nearly fifty graves may Gore went running to the top of the hill. Seen with the eyes were hard and it was necessary camera. Try to see ravens blond failed. Perhaps more time was needed or should warmer air.

Jubair sharp strangers coming up fast and ran away in the bushes Z. atriplicoides
Terrestrial routes in the National Park Turan

Really see wildlife, very enjoyable. Our path is a full circle and re-mistress ends. Turan's cross in the area to stop the whisk. After hours car ride, stop at the side of the green and beautiful area with a pool that was nice was a little water salinity. Evening back to the castle above the right sheep greeted us. Our trip was in the castle above all, tomorrow is going REZAABAD guided us to the road.

Great bunch Iranian Gore
Lucky us this great bunch were seen at a distance of about 400 500 m.
Large pools of water whisk
Large pools of water whisk
Rain was built for lake
Tamarisk shrubs in the rain
Turan National Park on a cloudy day
Turan National Park
The final thing with this program and beautiful bouquets sheep

Some tips on a trip to the High Castle:
– High Castle There are many resorts that can be arranged before the trip to reserve them. According to choose the location Shraytttan. Some resorts away from the car park and it is not easy for everyone.
– High Castle from local souvenir shop and they also contribute to tourism.
– Turan National Park is one of the most important and strategic reserves and wildlife habitats important species Iran. Visiting the park are extremely sensitive and respect all environmental principles.
– To visit it can .F F .F 09193734985 and 09123735794 Hussein Turan enjoy good tips suitable area by car.

Ghalebala, the entrance gate of Tooran national park (Bhiarjomnd, Semnan province, AND)

Semnan province can be considered one of the significant provinces of Iran. The mysterious central desert as well as Alborz mountain chain have caused a special geographical and species diversity in this area. One of the must-see villages with proper touristic facilities in this province is Ghale-bala that was the main destination of our trip ending up in Tooran national park.

going hundreds of kilometers to Gale-bala

In the one of the November’s sunny morning, aiming to visiting unseens, we were driving in the eastern roads of Tehran where we had started our trip. In the beginning of a holiday Tehran is not as crowded as always and after two hours we reachedDehnamakinn. The renovated inn from the Safaviandynasty is now famous and popular among people. The inn is deserted and warm sun light is so enjoyable. We had breakfast in the porch so that feeling the atmosphere.

There are number of telescopes locating in the inn suitable for watching night sky. It is around 540 kilometers to Ghalebalafrom Tehran and in order to reach there you have to go through Garmsar, Semnan, Damghan, Shahrood, Miami and finally Biarjomand. It takes about 7 hours if you take enough rest and observe all the speed restrictions.

Ghalebala’s neighbors

In the national division of Iran,Ghalebala is associated with Shahrood county. It is around 140 KM from Shahrood the central city of the county. We passed through Biarjomand and in the weekend it is not crowded, Biarjomand is the biggest village and the most important one in the area. Road signs guided us toward Ghalebala it is as long as 22 KM approximately. Along road toward south a mountain chain could be seen. Two village Ghaleahmad and Ghalebala were visible in the foothills from distant. In the middle of night, if you see toward north from Ghalebala’s houses, other villages are like bright islands in the middle of vast dark sea, the largest and the most distant one is Biarjomand.

Roaming in Ghalebala’s pathways

During tourism development, more than 6 historic places have been renovated and turned into Eco-tourism resort. I had already been familiar with some of them and we finally stayed in the Arg of Ghalebala. With the help of local’s kids, we walked through narrow cobblestone alleys until reaching the Arg hostel. It is almost the highest point of the village, from there, a spectacular scenery of autumn sun set with the pale and weak light on the houses was so impressing. Although fetching twice due to carry all the things especially my little boy Sahand’s staffs, it was definitely worth it as there was a beautiful view. The roof of the touristic resort as well as balconies are highly suitable for sitting and enjoying the atmosphere while feeling the cool breeze blowing toward your face.

As soon as arriving at the place, we planned for the next day using Mr. Keyghobadi’s advice and he accepted to guide and drive us in the Tooran national park with his 4WD SUV; it was predictable to be an invaluable experience.

Then, we spent all the evening roaming in the village, it was so quiet and there is no dead end amongst alleys. Being unfamiliar with the village, we are interested in discovering all the path ways; it sounds like a maze. Shops and bakery are lined in both sides of the main street where we’d parked our car.

In the next day, Mr. Keyghobadi was on time, right at 7:30 AM he was waiting us. We were supposed to be alone, however, two other vehicles with visitors were on the road. Just near the village when we were waiting for driver, suddenly we saw our first incredible moment, a large group of rams and ewes (wild sheep). Safe and secured environment make wild animals confident enough to come close to village; villagers are well aware that these animals as natural assets encourage tourism industry leading to their financial benefit. In fact, Ghalebala is the entrance gate of Tooran national park.

We went up the hairpin turn and then decreased elevation toward Delbar (an area in the national park). There is an eco-tourism resort near Delbar, it could be interesting spending a night there.

We were getting approach to Environmental monitoring center to get entrance permission

Mr. Faalpour a park ranger came with our three-vehicle group, a dirt road guided us to the middle of the park.

Zygophyllum a flowering plant can be easily seen along road. We were hopeful to see Persian onager,all of sudden a massive group of Persian onager were running uphill at distant, it was hard to see them by eyes. Unfortunately, our attempt to see Persian ground jay was unsuccessful.

A chinkara after seeing us escaped through plants. Visiting and discovering wildlife in the Tooran national park would be really enjoyable. The visiting path is a circle and it will be ended up in Delbar again.

Important points in the trip to Ghalebala:

-There are number of accommodation in Ghalebala, you can book in advance; find a proper place considering your condition, some of these places are far from parking.

-Try to buy souvenir from local shops so as to participate in local economic improvement.

-Tooran national park is one of the important natural resources and wildlife ecosystems in Iran; therefore, take all the eco-tourism rule into account in order to avoid causing any damage.

-aiming to have quality visit, contact local tourist guides having proper car:

, FarshadKeyghobad 09193734985
HoseynKeyghobat 09123735794

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