Zahhak Castle (Hashtrood, East Azarbaijan Province)

The central feature of a visit to Azerbaijan we sunsets evocative of the program in such a way that the brewing temperature set to attractions get the best moments of the day in the desired position memory of the castle Zahhak or Z·hak Hashtrood the sun on my mind it is registered.

Z·hak castle or Zahhak or as local historical attractions of East Azerbaijan Narin Castle is also Brjzabyt natural history of the area is enchanting.

The castle is built on a cliff overlooking the

This area is very large monument

The castle is surrounded by two rivers Qranqv and Shvrchayy

The scenery around the castle Z·hak or Zahhak

Little by little, the castle appears

To get to the castle should be passed River Bridge

Sunset and the cool river

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The arch is known as a symbol of Zahhak Castle

The only part of the castle that is visible from the parking lot

Along with a twenty-minute descent to the river starts

After passing through the positive slope of the castle is made

Immunization has been done in the direction of the castle

Sometimes you have to bend moved

There are concrete steps and platens


New steps made in the direction of the castle

Route also takes us about half an hour to walk

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Z·hak Castle area or Zahhak

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The castle has a special effect

Sense of history

Hashtrood Zahhak Castle dating back to the Parthian and Sassanian dates

This beautiful monument that symbolizes this historical site is built right edge

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There is a large ancient area that remains buried at the castle

Explore the discoveries made by the not-too-quality museum was built on the site of the castle

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We are the last rays of the sun


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And still continues wooden writing

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Full nobility of the building to the surrounding terrain

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Important notes and intervals of the regional hotspots:

Bostanabad the dilemma Hashtrood 42 km

The fork to Hashtrood 21 km

Hashtrood to Rblv 15 km

Rblv to the castle parking lot 1. 2 km

Parking Castle to Khorasanak Station 10 km

To Hashtrood the middle two ways before you take the old route Abad first and second Hashtrood crossroads of Middle Road -Hshtrvd.

Bostanabad from the old road Bostanabad should also enter into the middle after 42 km you will reach the output Hashtrood.


To learn more about road distances and GPS files in wikiloc Placed.

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