Castle Pashtab (Ahar, East Azarbaijan Province)

It was mid-June to see an old castle beautiful region in North West Iran were heading. We have a good chance sunset tail wind and rain after a strong spring with a view of a beautiful rainbow came out of the car to see the castle Pashtab.

Good luck and welcome the cessation of rain with rainbow

Good luck and welcome the cessation of rain with rainbow

Village Pashtab (poshtAb) Or Pyshtab in West Horand and is located 50 km Ahar. Castle Pashtab at an altitude of over 1,500 meters above the mountain was built eight head. It is said that this castle with other castles such as Castle of Babak region have been associated with fires and smoke were each message.

After a barrage of air spring weather was a paradise

Pashtab or Pashto castle located in strategic location overlooking the surrounding land

Almost all the ground that had potential to become a vibrant green were

Castle in the distance

The castle is said to be dating a Sassanid and Parthian returns

And spring at the bottom of the valley, the village in the valley can be seen Kvjan

Natural castle walls Pashtab in such a way that only one point, however, difficult to access inside the castle there

Project path from the road to the castle

E. with his son Sahand that are heading to the castle

Castle Pashtab

Castle Pashtab

Landscape around the castle

Make sure you can see the entrance stairs at the edge of the wall

Using a natural fortress castle wall has become strong

Landscape behind the castle

It is strange that eroded the walls of the castle close

Description of the picture with you

This ladder is the only way that can be entered into the castle, it is not so safe after Hdakr should carefully consider

Immediately after the escape stairs at the edge of a precipice visible

The castle is a large number of stairs platens

Unfortunately the sun was setting and the opportunity was not explored further

To enter the castle must enter the narrow path that raises the issue of security fortress

The above steps with a little care can be seen in this Tsvyrbrahty seen

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Castle platens works Pashtab

Erosion of the walls of the castle

Other Poshtab Castle View

Top of the castle

Top view of the castle

To get to the castle, where the nomads of Pashtab should Ahar and an advance of about 22 km off the main road and the track should go Horand. از دوراهی تا هوراند ۳۷ کیلومتر می باشد پس از طی کردن حدود ۳۰ کیلومتر بایستی از جاده خارج شده و راه قلعه را پیش بگیرید این مسیر آسفالته است و در ابتدای آن تابلوی قلعه را خواهید دید. Here is also divided the village Kvjan. About 5 km the dirt road quality is unsuitable for passenger cars, which requires caution. Castle after the end of the dirt road to the village is Pashtab. The view from here is clear Sabalan.

During uphill dirt track as early as a few pavilions that provides camping facilities and rest here.

For more information and GPS files in Donate Placed.

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