Charter basaltic(Maku, West Azerbaijan Province)

If the letter is the most special in Iran, basalt prisms Makvdr this list is here. Speaking of volcanic stone columns regularly that every viewer is mesmerized. Read on to learn about the greatness of this appeal, and why its formation.

A structure that is formed in basaltic rock columns that are multi-faceted in the form of rock fractures during contraction ( Cooled volcanic lava) Takes shape. See the vertical cliffs of basalt columns fully geometric connections are very stunning and always throws into doubt the man is not the geometric structure made entirely of human hands.

Charter basaltic shuttle

Charter basaltic shuttle

One of the most famous places in the world to see such columns, and out of the valley and the valley of the Columbia River along the border of Oregon and Washington in America Kanun. In the formation of basalt structures are among the volcanoes. Melt . این لایه ی گدازه آرام آرام خنک می شود و به شکل صخره های بازالتی در می آیند ولی مساله ی اصلی اینجاست که لایه ی رویی به سرعت خنک می شود حال آنکه گدازه ها در لایه های زیرین هنوز گرم هستند. With the passage of time and contraction caused by cooling of the substrate. If among these layers of water or any other liquid particle effect is rejected and there is a multi-faceted Matt.

As well as the flow of lava, volcanic eruption intensity, temperature and local temperature of the lava cooled lava in the form and dimensions of the stone columns helpful.

In this way, the structure of the layers of lava and the flow of cooling air to the layers shown.

Our access road%.

Valley view from above

In this way you can have layered lava that cooled so nice to see.

When approaching the columns you see, clause by clause, and it is obvious.

In the spring visit should face various toys.

A general view of the right side wall of the valley

Due to the location of the valley, lava flows down the concrete.

Broken form has some columns view it more attractive.

Mhvsh can be little doubt that that no human hand at work. But it is not

For Rsdn the columns have to go down the valley and across the river.

Go to the other side of the water at high water is not recommended to closely see columns.

No Description

Column connections are not limited to Basalt. This structure can be made on other species that are also formed by the cooling and contraction.

In some areas erosion, loss of regular form.

River of rain last night a little muddy smell% D. Go to the other side of the valley to the foot of the stone takes approximately 30 minutes.. Although it is nice to see from a distance,.

At the foot of a large rock with great caution will.

Full-length standing beside you sense weakness.

Close-up of a multi-column

No Description

Some of the columns were completely separated from the wall.

Close-up of columns articulated

No Description

Good weather cumulus clouds over the prism basaltic

Frame beauty of the wonders of creation

some notes:

  • In writing this post the article entitled Geology Word of the Week: C is for Columnar Jointing In 2012 the site was used Geophysical Union Mrykamntshr.
  • To access this natural effect created Kafys enter the shuttle to be Avajiq. 20 km after the hasp on the right road Khvyahyd view it.
  • In addition to the effect of several pavilions built by the beautiful landscape of the valley.

The journey to travel writing contest "Makvgram" in Persian date Mordad 1397 which was held by the Gilgamesh and free area shuttle, was conducted and it was a great opportunity for us to once again touch with all the area's attractions.

Time Lapse short of the columns near Maku see a beautiful link.

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