Wandering in Maku(West Azerbaijan)

Iran map likened to a cat one of the best roles in my mind was a child and a trip to the cat's ears are always among the most enduring journey for me. But this cat unfailing ear and the left ear is where two sheets of Iranian history and culture of its own detailed. Highs in the left ear border “Maku” That shines and the West is Iran's gateway.

Already in previous years had traveled to West Azerbaijan Province. Aras from Parsabad to Soraya, screw the bolt had touched and beyond the Aras Dam to Nakhichevan was given away yet.. Ararat crowning glory with all I had recorded on my mind.

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The Church of force, coercion, which is a symbol of courage and desire and with a displacement of sliced ​​planned in 1367 and built along the lake again, and I had visited Nagorno on the walls of the church and had seen gunshot wounds.

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But here I was always a missing link and it was Maku. In the past, the short shuttle pass and I was just wiped out his rock. اما این بار به ماکو آمدم که صدای بازی های تابستانه در کوچه پس کوچه هایش را بشنوم و با گشت در معماری ماکو کمی از اشتیاق های درونی ام را پاسخ دهم قطعا این سفر فقط دریچه ایست به روی ماکو و بسیار سفر باید

Western landscape Maku, Maku moment much waited to see here and pleased that it was possible conditions in the hourly.

The night before the shuttle in a village called “Pig” Spent. The heat of summer is plump and plain round to show us that the beautiful words “Mr. Sohrabi” Eco-tourism is one of the home owner pork, heat and so lovely guests. ن%D. Some of the pigs at the time of the Armenians say some words to Khach(cross sign) Carry. Pork almost 1,000 meters above sea level and is due to pass a branch of Zngmar it is created fertile plains. Pork melons and sunflowers member's Riady. Haji stork over a long decorated village. Here warmer weather, warm & G%.

Summer Sunflower Pig in the West Village

Summer Sunflower Pig in the West Village

Sunflower in early August and it is still not possible

%D. We've been where to begin. Soon, the streets of the center are Maku. Refuge in the mountain town Qāyeh.

A bit easy, the center of the city around you almost all the elements are. The cliffs and giant umbrellas in the north and center of the old city to the building of the pavilion.

But Mohammad Rasouli dear to us, and thanks to the car and brought us back to the shuttle, and we take this opportunity to change the application bow.

To see Maku view of the height of the road or the road barrier Baron went Nagorno Clubs. Almost at an altitude of 2000 meters Zhrgahy cool experience and we enjoyed the view of the city.

Cranberry Highlands Khach and thistle

The old building of the hospital left by World War (Although I do not know the certainty)


Maku city view of Nagorno-Khach, Baron dam road

Evening to shuttle back and after the break we were after in the city center.

August and rainy evening! In Maku. It was a unique moment.

Maku name is called tied Zngmar. In the city of Maku scenic river valley and exciting.


Zngmar in the rocks gallop

We wanted to see the castle. The sub Taleghani Avenue castle climb to get to the parking lot. Path with stairs and Prvzhvktvrha show improvement of lighting at night. Not long path and a quarter later refurbished in the walls of the castle we see. It seems that a lot of mystery castle and go study is merely a fascinating visit.

It is interesting to look at from every side wall.

A view of the main square. Here

Hajji Bolaghi springs at the foot of the castle. Water tankers for sale goes to various locations.

From the castle you go up in the direction of the old attractions.

Castle Maku

Maku look roof of the castle

Maku fortress that is ancient history

Large cap Castle

Castle on the mountain

Around the castle ruins have their own stories.

There is an old castle ruins in the course of a few buildings.

Maku shelter Castle

Castle path improvements


From the castle we try to find the pavilion but can not be found. Come down and see little inquiry This beautiful mansion that was destroyed in cowardly silence.. I hope to return one day to live circuit.


To draw a past trips wherever my aversion to urban architecture and monuments, Trjyhm to have an expert talk. That is why a brief interview with “Mariam Haidar” Friend and companion of many of our trips.

Transportation was arranged the text to be released from his blog. Mary is studying architecture at the doctoral level. Alas, the.

The first thing to understand in view of its strategic location in the city's attention. City line on two sides by high walls and narrow lanes between the mountains of the north and its south is limited. The height of the narrow lanes from north to south and downstream of the river passes. The city is located in the northern mountain range. In between the two rows of mountains and the city's central area that distance of two more mountain. The turning point of the city and its center is the middle part of the longitudinal. درست در همین‌‌جاست که بقایای قلعه‌ای قدیمی در کنار این صخره‌ها و نیز بازمانده‌هایی از خانه‌های گذشتۀ شهر دیده می‌شود و بازار و مرکز شهر هم در همین قسمت و پایین‌تر است. The point of the upper and location of the castle where the entire valley between two mountains can be seen and on the one hand the high wall of rock restricted and actually the best point defenses, and it is natural that if the bE castle area there is.

Slightly downstream of the castle and in the middle of the historic center between two mountains and is the newer of Maku. Because the symptoms can be seen big houses and the market town centers. House of Qajar few remaining old houses of the impact of Greco-Roman architecture and particularly Russian form has given them. Maku especially during the Qajar height of the relations of Iran with Europe's gateway to Europe, especially Russia and it is not surprising that the city, although small with the strategic location of such consideration and on such a small area that has a significant effect Qajar in its place. The most important effects of this boom town Baghcheh Juq House that on arrival from the north of the city in an area filled with water and placed in the garden thick. The best place to host guests from a long trip from Europe have gone to Iran. The palace has a unique architectural and decorative features including a round dining table famous paintings and architecture that fellow we do not have the combination of Iranian and foreign architecture. But the architectural properties and the government and people of vernacular architecture in the traditional architecture of the region. Architecture stone and clay brick, wood is the main source of. The rocks of central Iran in these areas is highlighted. The base houses made of stone and wood and low ceiling and heavy that fits the climate and geography of the area and a few of them can be seen especially in the northern mountain base. But the house main mosque and the old city in the North West St. architecture, such as mosques and Bonab Maragheh historical and… Mosques chamber with inclined roof covered with wooden pillars here and on two floors built.

Later in the period, period side by side with the two main streets into four zones Tqsymshdhand all cities and streets and squares have found a new meaning and a new form was. It is evidence of the Pahlavi era buildings that still can be seen around the streets and squares. میدان اصلی شهر در همان مرکز میانی جغرافیایی که گفتیم قرار گرفته و می‌توان گفت مهم‌ترین خیابان عرضی شهر همان است که شمال و جنوبِ کوتاهِ شهر را با میدانی در میانه به هم وصل کرده است.

If the shuttle look beyond the current situation and on new, previously referred to above, we, can shuttle between the plains of green and lush surroundings are also among the churches in the distance, near and around the have taken. In this system, one can understand why the city has long said that the location of different ethnicities Sassanid and material before and after it has been. And also can be found in Armenian culture in the area and it's part of it.. A culture that has long been led to the construction of churches in the area…

Brewing temperature is set and we want to build a genuine moment and see the top of the mountain overlooking the Ararat and Maku, Maku and is near transmission towers. The path is difficult and only off-road car from then on come.

On the way to the top of the mountain overlooking the town of Maku, Eagle Rock show off.

On the way to the tower to see the view of the city

Maku huge wall of high Qāyeh

In Ararat still raining.

Ornate and massive stone walls Maku

And the three of us…

Sitting behind the camera on the side of the cliff is dangerous and scary. Be careful

Eastern view of the shuttle near the antenna

Western view Maku. Western area of ​​Maku in the name of the famous site.

و بالاخره غروب این روز طولانی مردادی هم می رسد و ما خود را در بلندی کوه در حالی که به خانه های ماکو زل زده ایم می یابیم و غرق فکر به اینکه چقدر توانسته ام به ماکو نزدیک شویم.

Some tips on a trip to Maku

  • Mako is a relatively small city in the valley along the wide Zngmar its location, which is a major challenge for the city's safety and rockfall integral part of its old houses.
  • Maku city neighbors, and demands that due to the proximity to the area round are planning a trip to visit the regions not unpleasant.
  • Official sites stay in the hotel, tourism Mako Mako, Alvand and the hospitality that one of the recommendations outlined% D. Recent good place to train local communities to attract tourists promises to equip some houses to provide accommodation Bvmgrdy gives the pig-Hsun villages in this area are forward. If in summer or spring Maku people are here, as in other cities the way teachers Staff Accommodation.
  • recently (95 years) Airport shuttle launch and facilitate travel around the country to this point..
  • ماکو و بازرگان یکی از معابر مهم ترانزیتی کشور است و در عین حال اگر قصد ورود به ترکیه را دارید نسبت به رازی و سرو اینجا مرز مهمتری ست. I heard quoting that is in the border of Turkey Buses and minibuses are available to deliver passengers to the cities.


The journey to travel writing contest “Makvgram” In the Persian date Mordad 1397 by the team that held Gilgamesh and free area shuttle, and a great opportunity for us to do that once again we touch all the area attractions.

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