Tight Plowshares (Kuhdasht, Lorestan)

– Children four hours after Zohra, to what do you do? Until the end of the night we go camping or to the medieval-style bar and we go back?

– Does not matter to me

– Does not count, do we decide what is?

– Bump into darkness?

– So Vstash, a close bridge die and return to God.

– Now let's see what happens

Supplies from the trunk of his car, and they quietly in silence rush backpacks are equipped with tents, sleeping bags, food and Hdlamp … they do.

See the bottom of their hearts full and satisfied to stay ahead in a tight Plowshares(Shirez) Was not.

Lorestan province have the opportunity to go and see, we have a chance this spring(۱۳۹۷) Good rains and green everywhere and in May. Our destination of Khorramabad to the Kuhdasht tight Plowshares and we were on the right road in the historical bridge saw Kashkan.

Paul Kashkan

The bridge dates back nearly 1,000 years ago is.

Spring Bridge

Refreshing Touch

 Paul Kashkan Bridge and highway in the direction of a connection to the West.

Paul Kashkan Bridge and highway in the direction of a connection to the West have.

Spring Storm opportunity to trophy. Spring Storm was here at the moment the weather was extremely tender.

Rain was falling

55 km northwest of Kuhdasht and near the border of three provinces of Lorestan, Ilam and Kermanshah Plowshares is tight these days in addition to the revolving nature of the family also has a certain reputation and has become a promenade.

The road in the spring. Kuhdasht to Plowshares and width of the road is a little rural road. Around the roads and dryland farming of wheat and barley grown in some parts of the kitchen garden can be seen.

Track a few kilometers before the parking lot is narrow tarmac.

And oak trees are everywhere.

Long-course yellow walls display area and close Plowshares.

Different perspectives

Sedimentary hill in the middle of Kuhdasht to Plowshares scenes look like miniature mountains in South East.

Tight closer to Plowshares

It is a pity that there was little chance that little excursion among the hills. Tight end of the evening and had to go and not much time to sunset

No Description

But the narrow road was deserted

Seimare muddy with a certain solemnity was found on the roadside near the Plowshares.

From this point, there is approximately 8 km to Plowshares way. Towering cliffs yellow course area


Water pipeline kilometer course yellow pine agricultural Cham

The pumping station to miss the beginning of the Plowshares 8. 5 km to remains.

Seymareh roaring dose close to pumping stations

Planting watermelon

At the end of a dirt track road about three kilometers, but it is quality traffic for all types of riding.

Gradually more like the images that I had seen before trip

Welcoming the gorge is over capacity. Long queues and minibus and bus car park! In itself is not good news for the region.

No Description

Spring and narrow minarets

The famous minaret of the Strait of Plowshares just beginning

Spire tight Plowshares

No Description

Some had come with the setup barbecue and hookah Strait.

Whatever ahead are going to be more quiet

Plowshares for their own good and tight bags are Sahand.

To the track over and over must pass the shallow valley that is a pleasure in itself.

No Description

Famous landmarks and interesting natural tunnel in the middle of the bridge to God. Water passes through the tunnel from the roof of the tunnel and can be continued track. Since the beginning of God's navigation bridge a little more than 3 km and nearly an hour navigation.

At the time of our visit here(Persian date Ordibehesht 97) Due to the floodwater tunnel entrance was blocked with logs. Most tourists come to this point and come. Tight end, but our destination is the village of Gdarg·h. Gdarg·h 3 km way from here to there

After the bridge of God, which is a natural side effect of tight very quiet and enjoy being in nature More

Should gradually take height and go to the Project such as scrolling%.

Tight exceptional scenes Plowshares

Above that are going to become more beautiful scenery

Find track in this survey is not so hard. Project and sometimes through the water and sometimes the water in the valley. Just look around a bit to emerge route.

Perfect place to camp for the night is too much, just have to go from the valley floor to avoid the risk of floods.

Plowshares tight as a very beautiful National Parks so far, but seems to be unsupervised and with a lot of concern is the influx of tourists

Anyway, the little tourist Plowshares

Spring beauty

Including places that are not easily passed from narrow floor

Sometimes the water at the water.

No Description

Faithful of God after the bridge wall

At the end of the gorge walls are shorter and specific sedimentary forms must be retired

At the end of a narrow path Plowshares

No Description

Plowshares tight to the end and Pymvdym Gdarg·h village and spent the night in the village

Dirt track and road back from the main road Gdarg·h

Dense oak forests nearby Gdarg·h

Gdarg·h side of the main road

Gdarg·h to Plowshares Kuhdasht the main road approximately 18 km to 10 km Naz Gdarg·h the earth is only Dvdyfransy rides or SUV are able to pass it.

And saying goodbye to this beautiful area in the hope of preserving the natural heritage

Concluding Remarks:

  • برای رسیدن به این تنگ بایستی مسیر اولاد قباد را از کوهدشت پیش بگیرید، پس از طی مسیری نزدیک به ۵۰ کیلومتر که سه کیلومتر آخر آن خاکی است به پارکینگ ابتدای تنگ می رسید. If you want to stay the night there should be a charge for the car in the parking lot coordinate Eden.
  • Tight during Tqzyba 6. 5 km. There is a fountain in the middle of the bridge after God and find it a little better than your local. To scroll bars.
  • Given that several of the culvert will fit wear sandals in parts of the recommended route.
  • A shop for snacks, water, and food prepared there in the parking lot early Plowshares.
  • Two relatively health services for women and men is considered.
  • Tight end Gdarg·h leads to the village of Gdarg·h possible to rent a car there and return to the pool for fish. Mr. Hadi messenger Pazhn driver 091677082166
  • Mobile antenna coverage there in Gdarg·h.
  • Gdarg·h to Plowshares Kuhdasht the main road approximately 18 km to 10 km Naz Gdarg·h the earth is only Dvdyfransy rides or SUV are able to pass it.

One of the most memorable nights of our trip with the family of lovely Gdarg·h after that rainy night with the utmost thanks, we are in situations where their belongings packed and waiting for the right day of migration and of our lounge area Tang had themselves accepted.

Maintain tight Plowshares as one of the priority areas of the beautiful nature of Iran should be viewed. It is considered Khvsa at the time of setting up more camps. Brpankrdn fire, clear the area of ​​debris previous(As much as possible), Proper disposal of human feces is very important here.

To learn more about GPS in the complete file Donate Placed.

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