Summer Gznachal(Branch, Mazandaran)

هرچه بگویم از حال و هوای گزناچال در اواخر پاییز کم گفته ام، مکانی خالی از سکنه بالاتر از جنگل های انبوه و مشرف به منطقه ای وسیع که در این موقع از سال خانه های خالی و سکوتی عجیب را میزبان است. Have the chance to watch his step and maybe even stay the night at the fire and the great illusion.

مسیر گزناچال در ابتدا با مسیر فلکده یکی است، یعنی از تنکابن به سمت خرم آباد و جاده دو هزار می رویم در ابتدای جاده سه هزار به سمت لیره سر رفته و بعد وارد جنگل و جاده خاکی فلکده می شویم. In mid-way crossroads should go to the File GPS you have been Gznachal.

Instead of moss trees that had leaves

Evergreen forest

Way to go

Beams of sunlight on a great day

Its leaves underfoot

Possible uneven and inadequate

It is almost the end passenger car

Leaves ornament tree branches were yesterday, now adorn the earth

It was near sunset

Gzna pit area consists of several semi-rural area

No Description

This is contrary to popular belief the forest was strangely attractive

Overlooking the area

Haunted houses that had

The little car had young people came to bivouac on this weekend

I would stay the night

Medlar also abounded


No Description

Sunset tail tails and should go


Tips path:

  • After Lirehsar along the way there are no facilities, so the necessary measures to consider.
  • Way is inappropriate and problematic for passenger.
  • About twenty kilometers in the forest with steep slopes in front of you and not ready to take that road traffic and walk part of the way to go.
  • This compact program can run in a single day as long as the early start of fall Branch.


GPS files in Donate You put.




Your attention to a short film that was produced from the tour draw.


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