Lagoon Hsl(Chalus, Mazandaran)

Small Lagoon Hsl (Hasel or Hesel) In the southwestern city of Chalus in the forest Sinava and Talaju is very easy and worthwhile destination. The area adjacent to Road Branch is a great offer for those who travel this road to go to the north to. With a short and pleasant walk to the natural attractions will hit the course at the beginning of the possibility of renting the blue truck to reach the lagoon there. Hsl marsh to marsh known if it was not pink at the time of our visit.

To get to the roads after Marzanabad Hsl should not enter the old road, we note that the highways do not go where you do not have the possibility to park the car.

After about twenty Kyvmtr MarzanAbad Branch on the left side of the output file, which is marked path.

Walk to the lagoon road driving course Nissan woods that line the area have closed way into other machines

The marsh nature-loving youth hangout Branch is to stay the night in the shelter they. Of course, a lot of noise and playing loud music was really annoying for me.. I hope that one day all of us to conceive of the environment unbearable for each other not.

Autumn forest path and, of course, but not fall

About four kilometers forest to walk through the woods of Mshl in front of you to get to the lagoon with gentle slopes and effortlessly. Aqrad elderly or patients can also use the tools available. The lagoon is available for everyone.

I know the concept is the first picture of the marsh unlikely

And to actually see the marsh Hsl

Once Upon a Tree

According to a video you've created this marsh is loaded in Aparan draw.

Also for your convenience GPS track file Donate Placed.


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