Mazycal(GPS, Mazandaran)

  • At an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, there is a village that has been famous for a long time. Mazichal is so beautiful and spectacular that you can still see cottages with traditional architecture in it.. In fact Mazychal area called East Village consists of several cottages and the summer collection is from the countryside Mazandaran.

Fall is the best possible track

What's interesting is that there really was an eye-catching old cottage with the atmosphere in the region is Mazychal

In the Mid-Autumn mood was low altitudes flavor was winter

There is a needle-leaf trees in the area drew my attention

Fruit of the pine trees around Tehran was different because humidity was soft and flexible

For the most part was good quality Mazychal road. Dirt road well beaten its territory and most of the machines are able to access it

I left my heart here

I have great hope in the future the report with a trip to the region in late spring and complete my pleasant stay. However, the short trip to the area and autumn we ended up going to Mazychal must bring their own GPS. To do this two ways in front of you from roads and Marzan agents to the GPS swerve or if on the banks of the Caspian Sea are of Abbas Abad to the GPS to go in the GPS from an area called the district to sub-Mazychal sign. The so-called Mazychal that will guide all who ask.

The GPS files in Donate Placed.

I invite you to a short video of the trip is based on the projector pictures.

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