Kanglou(Savadkooh, Mazandaran)

به طور کلی از برنامه هایی که از لحظه شروع پیاده روی مقصد در انتها قابل دید است لذت می برم، حالا اگر هدف دیدن قلعه ای در یک نقطه ی زیبا در فصل زیبای پاییز باشد که چه بهتر. Firoozkooh road should just never had the intention to get to the other side of Alborz. In many of these roads ancillary attractions that can be an incentive for sightseeing. Gnglv castle near the village of Kanglou of those attractions that are worth it.

To get to the castle and the village of Doab on the road Firoozkooh Kanglou need to enter the sub-region dangerous mountain road and after about ten kilometers from the bridge over the river the cement.( Left side). The narrow roads, little insecure and waiting for you to take sharp turns. The output of main road (Firoozkooh )Castle about 20 km ahead of you to be part of that earthy quality that passenger cars also have the ability to go.

Start navigation or should I say walk

Castle is associated with certain forms of Eagle Castle Eagle's why some people say to Kanglou

Said Kong Li Mazeni the bee, from Mazandaran like I said inquiry means a plant or flower

Autumn Castle

No Description

A view of the villagers see every day Kanglou

Overlooking the area

Dust morning and Castle

Wall Kanglou

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