Tight overbark(Bahmaei city, Kohgiluye Kohgiloye)

Sulc ancient narrow or Sarvak many attractions and visit this beautiful Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is unwinding tight recommended to all tourists, the ancient Tang Sarvak 12 kilometers northeastern city Likak- Bahmaei city center is -Vaq . Input path above the narrow road to Likak's Landhi.

The beginning of the miss

Car navigation can be started almost came to a close

The top of the route, the destination can be seen

The top of the route, the destination can be seen

Scroll toward the beginning of the path of the car almost 3 Km.

Scroll toward the beginning of the path of the car is approximately 3 km.


It is said that the appellation of the deal are tight

It's the little stone reliefs are going

Special sharpened stones that were on the rocks

The first rock at a little distance from the boards

The second rock right in front of the third inscription

Spring air was invigorating our region

All of these petroglyphs related to the Parthian era is all the information I can give you of their history

The third inscription

The biggest rock for them

Orb is a full story with details on the extent

Should read carefully to see

Because a portion of this figure as understood blur

The role of crown is visible

No Description

Almost halfway there

No Description

Details petroglyphs third

The third and biggest rock inscriptions details

Details petroglyphs third

Petroglyph third


This beautiful valley ancient cedars

There are now in the middle of the cellar was full of livestock waste


Scrolling Valley about 6 km, which is very enjoyable

No Description

No Description

Petroglyph fourth

If the number of petroglyphs five, but unfortunately we did not manage to see one of them

Petroglyph near the old way of paving the fourth

Paving the way in this image is known, rare mountain fortress at the end of Photos

Castle Mountain Rare

Castle Mountain Rare

Petroglyph fourth tight end

Ancient cobblestone path in spring

It is said that the way is paved for walking horses

And saying goodbye to this special Strait Iran..

And saying goodbye to this special Strait Iran…

اگر دره را از سمت بالای آن پیمایش کنید در اکثر مسیر با شیب منفی روبرو خواهید بود، در اواسط مسیر جویباری دیده شد ولی از وجود چشمه اطلاعی در دست نداریم.

Along the way there right spots to camp, but there is the possibility that the place belonged to shepherds. At the end of a dirt road to the main road and the existence of settlements Gvdbn that allows you to rent a car since there.

To get familiar with the track and the inscription GPS files in Donate Placed.




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