Bilqis jeweled fountain Charam and towns of Shapur date DEHDASHT(City of Charam kohgiluyeh, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad)

Bilqis Springs and other towns of Shapur Tourist Attractions Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad indicators are. در ادامه مسیر سفر نوروزی راهی چرام هستیم و چشمه بلقیس و بعد از آن دهدشت و بلاد شاپور را خواهیم دید و یاد حسین پناهی را در کنار مزارش در سوق زنده خواهیم کرد.

We are on track Charam city center Charam city and its famous attractions

Fountain Belgheis

Four km to Charam on the road of Gachsaran- Charam garden and fountain is Bilqis

There are several primary and secondary sources, this garden has become a symbol of heaven

Do not miss a cliff top overlooking the garden

The sound of birds is very invigorating

My suggestion to visit the garden and fountain at dawn and early morning

The main attraction of the fountain Charam

Palm soaring away from the promise of the garden Abad

Birds are visible in the garden

Besides the garden is said to be created

In short, enjoy a walk or even breakfast in the freshness of the garden and fountain miss

DEHDASHT flourishing city with hospitable people who kohgiluyeh city center, the historic town of Balad Shapur or seven dome on the south side of the city DEHDASHT appellation seven domes of seven shrine in the corner of this city. Ten kilometers DEHDASHT led by the late poet and actress known Hossein Panahi.

Blood Shapur

It is being restored

Poetry Festival was held here during the New Year

Shapur blood dating back to the Sassanid era is over

During the Safavid era the city was at the height of

There are several shrine in the city

The neighborhood mosque and several mosques in the town of F. It is in the Islamic era

Three of the city's public bath features

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Dzhkvh landscape of lead

Dzhkvh overlooking the tomb of Hussein Panahi

Mazar-e Panahi in DEHDASHT

Mazar-e Panahi in lead

At the end of each trip
In the mirror
I do not own and review
The dark soil of this land
I'm tired legs shoes
The low ceiling sky
Cover my eyes closed
But God's heart
In the last journey
Apart from the boundless bound in the mirror
But the earth and sky
What is left
I'm lost, where
Seen of me?

Hossein Panahi

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