Tuf Kheymeh waterfall (Kohgiluyeh city, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad)

Spring is the opportunity, it is like, trips and falls…

Tuf Kheymeh goal is to clear the result of the steps and step by step you see that picture comes and the incentive double.

Cascade Tuf Kheymeh beautiful waterfalls and magic near the village of Bibi She's Dzhkvh, this beautiful mountain, the view of the mountains of leads eye-catching and scrolling short course fun from the village Tuf Kheymeh to the foot of the waterfall and cool it was. This waterfall is located in Landhi road and is located 20 km from the city lead.

To reach the waterfall from behind Lear led the way Landhi and 6 km from the main road Landhi after Lear took off and track mountain stronghold. جاده تا بی بی زلیخا آسفالته است و بعد از آن خاکی با کیفیت مناسب شما را تا روستای طوف خیمه می رساند.و از روستا تا آبشار مسیر یک کیلومتری با اختلاف ارتفاع ۱۵۰ متر پیش روست که حداکثر سی دقیقه پیاده روی سبک است.


On the way to the waterfall

A touch of spring

Armed to the teeth refreshing

From afar

That you're here means spring is here

Waterfalls and ruins of village


Closer and closer

It is clear destination

Tuf Kheymeh waterfall is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

Triple Tuf Kheymeh

Triple Tuf Kheymeh

No Description

Hi With wishing

To learn more about GPS file is placed in Wikiloc.

A short clip of the track and not miss waterfall.

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