Parim Bridge, two ancient two-legged graves and the slopes of Khamin Mountain (Basht, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad)

A few years is that when the smell of lavender and grass in city streets was, I Hvayyh Nature southern Iran, I and this is the chance I've got to go, go to the tropics a province of the unknown in this country, where few times just Qblna their name in the book of geography school read.

Boyer Ahmad tropical region of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad attractive to us, I had a laptop computer increased now that I Atvbvsm…

Two graves legs

Gachsaran bus that had battered videos and all the children are struggling with the road movie and went. I hope tomorrow the way to walk gonna sleep Nmvnym. Now the question is why Anqd covered later we are still not clear air we reject Yasouj we should walk slowly and help the driver gonna keep saying anything is not here, because you want to get off bus…


We are exactly on the border of the provinces of Fars and Kohgiluyeh next to the bridge jump( best) Near the village of Cham Bolbol about Panzdhkylvmtry Basht roaring sound of water and birds beautiful and scenic bridge, everything great breakfast of Mykhvryma, right here was a stall is not buying it

The overall vision of the bridge, and the river is full premium, lead me in the morning mist(Cham village Nightingale)

Side of the road with kindness linger a Mashynym us to take up somewhere other than here, the kids are all somehow went the Susa lower and we stayed that now we got to the Basht few kilometers ahead output holy shrine of Imam Seyed Shamseddin at the entrance to the Lower Susa got out and we never got to the grave two feet

If you look at the characteristics of the road

Next to a school so that farm're going to keep bad people emulate.

Near the village of Susa functions Basht monument is located Dowgur legs

Here was the old days and these are the foundations of the hearth fire and at night in unfamiliar passengers for routing assistance, so here is beautiful and nice view

Most dryland farms around the time that I should be careful not to upset Tvshvn Nariman who respected God forbid farmers

Farms and range of eye-catching

Let's go tonight we camp in the mountain region Khamyn, the village machines and now we're going to do Khrydamvnv and go to the mountain protected area Khamyn

Basht we want to go on the road to Charam area next to a part of the Msyrmvn Khakyh

I was not the road, but some places too narrow

Spring view of its excellent

The end of the path that got out backpacks Hey, we're going in nature, so I was waiting for winter to end

I also winter snow high in the distance

So that the beautiful trees …

I think the night was cold

Sky says that I'm blade Bbarm

Here is a very important plant habitats of animal

Leopard and squirrels and wild boar and otters and birds of prey and non-hunting are just some of the treasures fauna Mountain Khamyn

Oak trees original cover herbal inches, pistachio and almonds along with oak and other species of wild

GPS file in the marking area of ​​the camp we were there we had water and was near a small waterfall heavy rain came yesterday evening we had our camera pod was very good but we Barvnsh


some notes:
To travel to the domain Khamyn must Basht way road Charam sure, approximately 25 km after Basht the left side of the main road a sub-soil ahead to equal area is famous for, with 3 km of driving on the dirt road to the quality of through local riding style seemed to be the beginning of a hike to get to the slopes. With two km walk in the direction of the camp you will find a lot of good.
Jfz for the Natural Heritage and the sensitive ecosystems work.

GPS files have been placed in Wikiloc:

Prem Paul Dowgur GPS files and legs in Donate

GPS files on the slopes of Mount Khamyn Donate

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