Garden prince(Mahan, Kerman)

Believe that such an atmosphere is created in the desert is very difficult. But the mere fact. Prince Mahan garden really is one of the masterpieces of Persian Gardens. Garden dating back to the Qajar period.

Prince gardens at Mahan

این باغ جز ۹ باغ ایرانی است که در سال ۱۳۹۰ به ثبت جهانی رسیده است، البته گفته می شود که یونسکو به دلیل استفاده بخش خصوصی از باغ به عنوان اقامتگاه و مجتمع تجاری باغ شازده را از این لیست خارج کرده است.

Garden entrance

The garden on the orders of the ruler Naser al-Hamid Mirza was made the governor of Kerman

Garden area 7. 5 hectares

The garden fountain pump work

The height difference gardens, fountains energy make up

Water gardens come Tigran prince of the area

The garden and the National Register was purchased in 1354

The end wall garden

Among all the trees, dry drew my attention to this one.

Dry as the desert

Photos Old Orchard Prince- Photos from Photo

A Gem In the desert- Photos from Google earth


To learn more about road path, file path in wikiloc Mlahth photos.

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